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How do I decide which Airline should I fly with? Domestic edition
There are so many options with Airlines that it is really confusing. For this edition I am going to write from Indian’s perspective. Airlines that are available in India are:

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1. Air India

2. Jet Airways
3. Indigo
4. Spice Jet
5. Vistaara
6. Go Air

Only Air India and Jet Airways have frequent flyer system. Why do I care about Frequent flyer program vs Lower cost airline?

I am not happy flying with Air India and hence, I stick to Jet Airways.

Well everytime you fly with one of those low cost Airline – you end up paying more than you see on the screen. I was cursing myself when I booked low cost airline. They lost my baggage (with 32 other passengers) , they treated me like 3rd class citizen and had the worst leg space on flying.

I am going to calculate the airfare difference for you. What do you get by booking on vs travel agent sites?

When I book online on Jetairways – I get bonus 500 Airmiles. If you love to fly, Each and every of those miles count toward your dream. Plus usually cheaper fares are available on main website.

I am going to assume return ticket from Mumbai to Delhi prices.

“Loyalty never comes cheap.” – George Clooney, Up In the air.

With Jet Airways you get

500 Bonus Online Points – if you book on
790 Flyer miles – Distance from Mumbai to Delhi
395 Bonus JP Miles as Platinum member.
790 bonus sector miles
Plus its a bonus sector so I get 2x  Miles

Total miles I get – 2475 Miles for this travel.

Currently reward ticket from Mumbai to Delhi is 7200 MIles. So basically if I travel 3 times, my 4th ticket is free.

I am going to assume on low cost airline, airfare is Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 Cheaper. (Roughly $20 to $30 cheaper).

For argument sake – I am going to assume return fare of cheap cost airline is Rs 4500 for return ticket on low cost ticket.

Its Rs 6000 on Jet Airways.

Low cost – 4 trips to Delhi would be – Rs 4500 x 4 = Rs 18000
Jet Airways – 4 trips to Delhi would be – Rs 6000 x 3= Rs 18000
Remember 4th ticket is almost free. Even if it was Rs 19000. You get free food, extra baggage and lot more facilities which low cost won’t provide you.  Its smarter to fly carrier that has frequent flyer program.

P.S if difference is more than Rs 2000 – Definitely go for cheaper airline unless you are in for status upgrade. 

What do I get as  Platinum frequent flyer?

– AIrmiles that I can use to book my reward flight
– 5 Free Cabin upgrade vouchers
– 35 Kg check in  baggage vs 15 Kg usual allowance

– I don’t stand in check in queue – I get red carpet welcome with special check in counter desk.
– I get my bag first when I land at the destination
– I get lounge access which usually has free wifi (faster), free food, more comfortable seating seats than others get it at the airport. I can also take a friend along. Yes, they do thank me for it.
– Board flight without standing in long queue
– 15 kg Cabin baggage allowance vs Usual 7 kg
– I get to select my seats at time of booking vs most people who have to get it at airport or 24 hours prior.
– I earn 50% bonus miles every time I fly.
–  No flight cancellation fees
– If flight is full, I automatically get upgraded to business class.
– At all bigger airport, I get special line for security check in.
– If I am going to/arriving from International destination – I am in priority passport control queue.

What good are those Airmiles?

–  I can book long distance international air tickets at 1/100 of cost.

– I can book 5 star hotels from those miles.
– I can also book full vacation packages with them.

 For more information

You think your booking site is cheaper? Above is Jet Airways site and below is makemytrip. Obviously I took screenshot when there was airfare sale going on and hence its even more cheaper on

What about low cost international options such as Air Asia, Tiger air, RyanAir, Whizair? How much is really a discount? Check out my next post.                 
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