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Last year, in August 2016, JetPrivilege introduced carrier charges as a part of a wider overhaul of the entire program. At that point of time, an amount of INR 200 upwards was added to redemption tickets on Jet Airways, to be passed on to Jet Airways. The chart shown is pre-GST Era, however, everything went up 18% on the day GST was introduced.

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Carrier Charges introduced in August 2016 on Jet Airways Redemptions

Carrier Charges introduced in August 2016 on Jet Airways Redemptions

Now, for JetPrivilege redemptions on Jet Airways, these carrier charges are going to go up as of November 1, 2017. As per a notification from JetPrivilege, if you issue a new ticket or reissue an existing ticket as of November 1, 2017 onwards, you would incur the new charges. And the hikes are anywhere between 19% to 125%.

Here are the new charges for redemptions for the Indian subcontinent along with the changes in pricing.In domestic (within India) cases, redemptions carrier charges are going up 50%, while on some redemptions which are within the region, such as Delhi Colombo, it goes up 40-44%.

As for those who are going to save up miles for one fine day are going to suffer as I indicated here earlier too. Your mile accumulation is now seen by airlines as money in their pocket and they are trying to decrease the value of your points every day. 

India Subcontinent Redemptions 9W

India Subcontinent Redemptions 9W

Here are the new charges for international redemptions. Since this pricing is for 9W flights only, some of the changes are more there just for the record. Funny thing, it might even be cheaper to redeem on non 9w flights vs use your miles on Jet flights. Again will Jet ever join an alliance where your benefits grow and not always diminish?

International Redemptions 9W

International Redemptions 9W


Devaluing miles or any other aspect of loyalty program is detrimental to the business. Would there be a point where people might feel the same way about Jet Airways as they do currently about American Airlines which went from best program to the worst program in the world? Only in aviation industry, keep competitive edge means suffering of their elite customers.

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