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If you are Indian and ever traveled Jet Airways in an economy ticket. You probably got a roll or a wrap as usual. If you are frequent flyer you have come to detest is so much that you would take Indigo flights just to avoid that roll. However, on an argument, you can buy your own food at the airport instead of gulping that inedible wretched wrap. 

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Well, Jet Airways has heard your prayers and instead of really listening to your feedback, they decided to pull a page from another terrible airline named Air India who in your truly’s opinion should be shut down. 

According to the report, the official said that the special meals served on on flight have options of Child Meal, Baby Meal, Jain Meal, Diabetic Meal, Fruit Platter, and general vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian meals.


However, the actual flight menu did not have the baby meal and child meal options and instead had options for diabetic veg/non-veg meal and something as vague as ‘Muslim’ meal. I am sure Jet Airways would cut out Non- Veg meal too.

Trimming down the food menu is part of a larger cost-cutting program being undertaken by the company. The plan also includes phasing out highly-paid expat pilots from the airline with a view towards bringing down the company’s financial burden. The Expat charge 10x salary to that of Indian pilot while doing nothing different which has sort of created a circus with the union. 

Lower ticket prices due to competition in the domestic market, failing overseas operations, and high operating costs have together driven the full-service airline to resort to different measures in order to propel itself back to profitability

On the flip side, Vistara has added Starbucks brew to their meal and are providing way more options.  My opinion for Vistara, Please grow little faster and I would be willing to shift completely to you. 

What are cost cutting moves in order that Jet Airways has tried to implement?

  1. Jet Airways Platinums were allowed to bring 2 guests to a lounge which has been curtailed to 1.
  2. Jet had direct flights to the USA which has been removed. 
  3. Jet Airways changed earning structure to match that of Etihad.
  4. Jet Airways announced varied price booking and removing benefits for Platinums and Gold on Deal tickets. There was major backlash for that and they put some benefits back.
  5. Changed Web Check-in Rules to make money.
  6. Hand Baggage can be weighed to make some money there.
  7. Baggage allowance dropped 5 kg for everyone across the board.
  8. Jet Airways started cutting down lounges (Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab)
  9. When you are trying to cut cost across the board and a division that doesn’t really make you money is CUSTOMER service. So put that down the fork too.

 According to Business Standard, around Rs. 1,300 crore is due for repayment in FY18 and the company is hoping to pay it off using internal accruals.


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