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Today I forgot my laptop at my hotel and I realized that while I was doing a security check. I straight forward called my hotel who was in no mood to help me out. They declined politely. I called uber quickly and headed straight to the hotel.

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On my way, I called Jet Airways call center as I had more than 1 hour 40 minutes to the flight as the flight had been delayed by 15 mins. The agent took about 30 mins of my time to check everything and I was on frustrated end as he had zero authority to help me. Why is it called Helpline if agents are not empowered to help me? Only thing helpline can do is book your tickets/cancel your tickets or let you know the status of the flight. There is a separate Jetprivilege department who can credit mile to your account and answer basic redemption or earning related questions.

I was so frustrated with the agent on the phone to the point that he wasn’t willing to help me or just couldn’t. I asked him who can help me and he was clueless. He should have told me to contact Jet Airways online team.

I remembered even in the moment of insanity that I could tweet to Jet Airways. Jet Airways swiftly followed me so that I could tweet them the details. Within 10 mins, I had an agent calling me and asking all my details. I explained her the situation that I am stuck in traffic and hence put me on the next flight. The agent was super helpful and connected me on the next flight. She connected me to airport duty manager who let the boarding gate agent know that I am going to be late. The person at the gate kept my boarding pass ready and put me on the next flight.

On one end, I should be thanking Jet Airways team member for really helping me when I was in the snag. But on the flipside, it was extremely disappointing to deal with an agent who had absolutely no clue on how to help a passenger who is informing them in advance that they might get late for the flight. I am happy that I am at the destination after canceling 3 times – one time there was Ganpati holiday, another because Mumbai was flooding and 3rd because the flight was delayed over 2 hours and then it was no point of traveling. I didn’t want to miss it 4th time because  I left my laptop at the hotel (stupidity)


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Cody is a native of city Indore, Madhya Pradesh. He acquired a degree in Engineering (IT) from Rajeev Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal. He had a keen interest in the field of networking and network security and took various courses such as OWASP, EC Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CCIE) Routing and Switching. After finishing his education, he joined up corporates to establish his career as IT Tester and Auditor. He moved up to become IT consultant and shared his expertise with IT industries. Cody loves traveling and socializing. He has traveled over 30 countries in the past two years. He enjoys flying business class and staying in 5-star hotels. He has been featured in multiple publications such as Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar, magazines such as Men’s Health. He was invited to inspire people on a platform such as TEDx.


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