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  1. Introduction
    I have already written about my stay at ITC Maurya here. I have already covered Club Lounge, Internet, Fitness centre and few other stuff already. This post is regarding my stay at ITC One room (suite). There is something remarkable about the lobby that I have not captured yet.
  2. Check-In
    I went straight to Club ITC check in desk and asked for the room. This time I was awarded ITC One room. This is supposed to be their suite room. The room number that has been provided to me is 1176. My room was on a regular section of the hotel and not the towers.

    There is so much lovely Christmas decoration around here. I just loved the energy around here. I brought my niece here and she was ecstatic. She enjoyed entire hotel so much. She loved the fountains, reindeer & lights.

    I am going to put up all my Christmas decoration pics here. I stayed for my new year night. There wasn’t much celebration around. It was business as usual, though. I was hoping at least I would hear some music or something. There wasn’t a thing. I decided to head out with friends for new year night. It was a crazy night that I can’t share here.

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  3. Room

    As I entered the room, There was a short gallery where on the left side I had a closet that led to a washroom. There was no half bathroom here. Your luggage was to be stored in a closet. and baggage storage place.

    As you turn left you are greeted with a long room. It doesn’t feel like a large suite room but it is big enough. Plus there is no separate living room and bedroom. It is just one room. Not what you expect from typical suite room.


    As I mentioned in my last report, this hotel has a proper King size bed. I normally feel all the ITC hotels have queen size beds. ITC Windsor, ITC Maratha and even ITC Sheraton all featured small bed. This is the way it should be in luxury hotels. This is probably the most comfortable ITC bed I had till date.

    This room was definitely larger than all ITC room I had seen so far, though. This hotel is the crown jewel for ITC as this is their most profitable hotel and first hotel that started their business.On the right side, you have garden and fountain view. The fountain was beautiful.
    They had put some night clothing next to a table for purchase. I believe many guests might not see the signs properly and end up using them. Next to it was wonderfully packed, night kit box. The box had sleeping perfume, sleeping masks and ear buds. You could also call room service and order complimentary hot chocolate. As I got to know earlier night that it was complimentary.
    There was large TV opposite the bed. Watching TV was a pleasure. But the problem is that they don’t have many channels on TV. I wish they had a DISH TV and unlimited channels. I think at max they had 50 channels on this thing.


    There is really an awesome lounge chair with round table next to the window. I really liked this chair.

    Unlike previous room, there was no partitioned area for office work. The office area in the previous room was amazing. Here it was right under the TV with not enough space to move around. In the previous, they had one of the best chairs to sit and work. In this, it was probably one of the most uncomfortable. I just wouldn’t sit down and work there.  I would rather work from the bed. Again, something I would totally hate to do. They didn’t have that lovely Maurya padding either. It totally felt cramped here. I am surprised to say but I have mixed feelings about this room. I love the tech and bed. However, it doesn’t feel like a suite really and it doesn’t feel like a place I can really work. This is more of a relaxing room.
    They kept some fruits on the table and welcome brownies. I skipped on brownies as I doubt that they were vegetarian. I thought they contained eggs. They also placed a complimentary bottle of wine.


  4. Washroom
    There are 2 ways to enter washroom. One is near the bed. Another, I already mentioned from the closet. This washroom definitely feels larger than the one in the previous room. There is a lot of space to move around.So as you open the door from the room side. You have Toilet. There is no toilet cabin here. However, toilet does have bidet spray.

    Right next to the toilet is lovely shower cabin. As usual, none of the ITC feature rainforest shower. However, I really liked the shower here. It had multiple heads and felt like massage shower. It was pure pleasure to have a shower here. My niece loved the feature so much that she decided to bathe here just because it looked great to her. The water pressure and temperature were fabulous. I love the cabin. I wish they had put a radio somewhere in the washroom. As this hotel as volume regulated TV and there is no way you can have music in the shower.

    On the left, you have a sink. Again there is only one sink. It didn’t feel like a suite room. The sink was large and its colour matched with the entire room. It wasn’t the best looking sink. There was a lot of space around the sink to put your stuff.
    On the right of the sink is a lovely bath tub. Bathtub definitely felt luxurious. All the fittings and a rack to put your stuff upon. I was delighted to use it.


  5. Toiletries
    Toiletries were different. I saw this type for the first time. They had 2 options. One is black and another is golden. I love the black one. The smell was just amazing. It was like I was having perfume bath. I am still confused about shower gel and shampoo in one thing. But this was just an aphrodisiac bath.


  6. Food and Beverage

    There are 2 areas you can have breakfast. One is at the Pavillion which is on the lobby level. There is one restaurant at the top of the hotel. This time I decided to get a table in Pavilion.
    I was surprised that spread at the pavilion was small too. It was larger than the another restaurant but it was still small. I was so surprised about this.
    I asked for the chef and asked if he could prepare me something for my dietary requirements. I was surprised that he didn’t have any idea what he could prepare for me. It is the same issue again. This hotel is home to world renowned Bukhara where Diplomats from all the countries come and have meals there. However, when I asked for Healthy Gluten-Free Vegan meal, the chef was clueless what to make. He suggested eating some noodles. I was expecting some creative reply but I was disappointed. Also, I believe the buffet spread was smallest among all the ITC I have visited. This should be your trademark crown where your spread should make me think, it is pure gluttony. Except I had very few options as a Vegan.
    Waiters were attentive here. The presentation was definitely better than the other restaurant.I also enjoyed their original chocolate brand Fabelle. It is always a treat to enjoy desserts and chocolates there.


  7. Bottomline

I love the tech and the hotel design. It is an ideal place to host business meetings. But I really am surprised that spread felt very limited. I am even more surprised that chef wasn’t creative enough to cook any new dishes. I loved the room but it wasn’t a suite experience I had expected.  I would still come back when I feel the price is appropriate.


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