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1. Introduction

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ITC Maurya is one of the historic hotels of India. Once upon a time, it was considered the number one hotel in India and maybe the most expensive one. Their guests are usually diplomats from other countries. All American Presidents have been made to stay there. I feel proud that I stayed at this hotel.

At end of the year, when businesses tend to be low and not many people are travelling for business. Hotel seems to be empty. Hence, I took advantage of the period and found one of the lowest prices I have ever seen for this hotel and booked it.

I booked for 2 successive days and I stayed in 2 different rooms and hence I would be reviewing them individually. I used separate restaurants on both days making them separate experiences.

The hotel is located in Diplomat’s enclave and it is the prime area of Delhi where all the diplomatic avenues are nearby. So if you are here to see few landmarks of Delhi like India Gateway, Rashtrapati Bhawan (President’s house), PMO (Prime Minister Office) etc., then the hotel is a gold.

As ITC has a partnership with SPG as a Luxury Collections hotel, I got most of my SPG privileges here. I feel fortunate that I hold that power.

2. Check-In

As I entered the hotel, the bellman came and collected my bags from me. He gave me a luggage tag. I went to reception and asked them for check-in. They realised my status and sent me to Club/Tower.

The hotel lobby is massive. I would love to call my guest here and have all my meetings here. You have staff present around all the time. It almost felt too crowded by the staff.

On the way, I probably passed by a lot of restaurants. There is a separate shopping area in the hotel.

At the tower, I had a sit-down check-in. I was provided water in a glass. I was expecting a welcome drink, though. They took me to Tower Room number 3607. Lady explained to me that they are one of the unique hotels, that has an entire floor that is reserved only for women. Even guards and all the staff present there are women. I have mixed emotions about that.

3. Room

As I entered the room, There was a short gallery where on the left side I had cupboard and baggage storage place. On the right was the washroom.

As I walked ahead, There was a large King size bed. Unlike all other ITC I have visited till today, this was the first one that actually had proper King size bed. I normally feel all the ITC hotels have queen size beds. ITC Windsor, ITC Maratha and even ITC Sheraton all featured small beds.

This room was definitely larger than all ITC Club/Tower room. This hotel is the crown jewel for ITC as this is their most profitable hotel and first hotel that started their business.

There was a massive TV opposite to the bed. Watching TV was a pleasure. There is a chair next to the TV. But the problem is that they don’t have many channels on TV. I wish they had a DISH TV and unlimited channels. I think at max they had 50 channels on the list.

There was a master switch next to the bed. I didn’t find switchboard rich at all. However, I like that there is a master switch next to bed.

This is the first ITC where there is a master switch. But again that is irrelevant. Do you want to know why? Well, there is a hidden high-tech aspect to this room.

They have an IPAD that controls the entire room. You can regulate TV, lightings, Air conditioner’s temperature and other stuff by the help of it. Love it! This is not present in any other iTC till now.

There was a sleeping kit. This hotel had the best sleeping kit I have seen till now. You have a sleeping perfume, sleeping masks, ear buds and you can order hot chocolate, on the phone, which is complimentary. I was surprised that it was complimentary.
The room isn’t partitioned but there is a separate office area present. There is a work desk which is just beautiful. The Office chair is as comfortable as it gets. I think this is the best Office chair I had in all my reviews I have done till date.

The Table is lovely too. There is Maurya emblem on the table. I thought I should have taken it home. But then I swiftly gave up on the idea. It gives, even more, character to the table.

Next to the work table is Coffee/Tea machine and mini bar. WOW! Perfect position. The place where someone can get indulgent. Smart! I love the location of the work table too. It is right next to the window. So if you want to gaze around, you have lovely gardens and greens of Delhi to watch. My room had a pool view.

Behind the work-table is a lounging chair next to the window. There is a round table adjacent to it. They kept some fruits and welcome brownies on the table. I skipped the brownies as I doubted they were nonveg. I thought they contained eggs.

4. Washroom

As you enter washroom, you see an old school sink. It is the same sink they have in all ITC properties. There is some space around it to put your stuff on. Luckily, they have a stool to sit on and get ready. These are small things that make a huge difference.


I found washroom little smaller as compared to Westin and other SPG properties.

As usual, none of the ITC featured rainforest shower. At least, there was a shower cabin, unlike ITC Sheraton. It was a normal shower with very good water pressure and temperature.

5. Toiletries

Toiletries were standard ITC DJ Wills. I love the smell. However, I still get confused when there is no separate shampoo and shower gel. I will have a more clear opinion when I ask my beauty experts about it.

6. Fitness Center and Swimming Pool

To get to Fitness center, you had to enter swimming pool area. The swimming pool was a standard one and there wasn’t anything really exciting about it.

7. Food and Beverage


Options for alcoholic beverages were limited. There were no desserts or anything. I hoped it would be remarkable and I was underwhelmed by the whole thing. You can see the pictures.


There are 2 areas where you can have your breakfast. One is at the Pavillion which is on the lobby level. Another one is a restaurant at the top of the hotel. As Pavillion was full, I decided to go up and have breakfast there but it turned out the options were limited there. You don’t get everything up there.

I called the chef and asked if he could prepare me something for my dietary requirements. I was surprised that he didn’t have any idea what he could prepare for me. This hotel is home to world renowned Bukhara where Diplomats from all the countries come and have their meals. However, when I asked for Healthy Gluten-Free Vegan meal, the chef was again clueless what to make. Also, I believe the buffet spread was smallest among all the ITCs I have visited. This should be your trademark crown where your spread should make me think, it is pure gluttony. Except I had very few options as a Vegan.

I didn’t even like the presentation of the food.

8. Internet Speed

Internet’s speed was nice. I was able to surf the internet without any hiccups. I was able to watch videos without any buffering.

9. Bottomline
Overall, hotel service was nice. I enjoyed my stay here. I don’t have any remarkable thing to write. I met few staff people but nothing really stood out. I would love to come back here and stay here. Hotel décor is gorgeous and tech tends to stay one step further. I wish I would have a better time with the food when I come here next time. This time, it just went south.

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Cody is a native of city Indore, Madhya Pradesh. He acquired a degree in Engineering (IT) from Rajeev Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal. He had a keen interest in the field of networking and network security and took various courses such as OWASP, EC Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CCIE) Routing and Switching. After finishing his education, he joined up corporates to establish his career as IT Tester and Auditor. He moved up to become IT consultant and shared his expertise with IT industries. Cody loves traveling and socializing. He has traveled over 30 countries in the past two years. He enjoys flying business class and staying in 5-star hotels. He has been featured in multiple publications such as Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar, magazines such as Men’s Health. He was invited to inspire people on a platform such as TEDx.



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