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Why are you in this hotel in this city?

  1. I have already written about my stay at Westin Garden City Mumbai before. So, I won’t be covering Fitness center, Toiletries and Breakfast Pictures this time. Last time I didn’t get the chance to try club lounge and hence I will be writing about it this time.

I had come to attend the Startup Guru Seminar and I found this hotel as the cheapest among all SPG properties in Mumbai. I could easily try their Suite.

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Check in

At the reception, I was denied an upgrade by Ms. Dimple Bhandari, claiming that it was subject to availability and as the hotel was sold out, she couldn’t do anything but would still ask around.

Quite irked, I checked on the internet to find that Suites were still available and the hotel was not sold out. Everyone hates being lied to when you can easily find the information online. I went to another counter and introduced myself to Mr. Harish Phatak, who was way more hospitable towards me. I coyly asked about the suite and was told that to get it, I had to pay Rs 5000 extra. After my check in process was done, I casually slid in that I am Platinum member and entitled to a free upgrade anyway. I showed my Platinum status after which he immediately provided me with the keys to the Suite.

I don’t blame the associate. I genuinely don’t think it was her fault. The tone of the hotel when it comes to elite treatment is very much set by the management. If the associates are taught to check all room inventories when a Platinum checks in and to give them the best available room up to a standard Suite, chances are that the associate will.

I don’t know what is with this hotel and check-in. Both the times, I had something to write on the casual check-in. I was provided room number 2120.

As usual, it took a while for the elevator to come down.


  1. Room

    This time, as I opened the door, there was a half toilet on the left and big curtains.

    As I went ahead and turned right, I was delighted so see a gigantic living room. This looked perfect. This room is even larger than St. Regis Mumbai Suite.

    On the left were a minibar and ahead was a dining table for 4.

    The large U-Shaped couch held capacity for 4 and the lounging chair in the corner was colored like fire. It absolutely stood out.

    A TV, large enough for an entire family to be able to watch a match, was across the couch.

There was a big window in the room pouring light. From my room on the 21st floor, I could view the city around me from a magnificent height.

In the corner of the room, there is a working table with a comfortable office chair. The placement of the table couldn’t have been better with a beautiful view to admire.

On the left, a sliding door separated the bedroom from the living room. The room featured standard Westin Heavenly King size bed.

The master switch was in place to kill the lights and so were the plugs that supported all sorts of pins from around the world.

There was a lounging chair by the window with a round table adjacent to it.

You have a nice TV across the bed.

The washroom too was large and separated two sections by a glass door.

The view from the room.

The highway looked so beautiful at the night. In Mumbai, we call it Necklace view. 

  1. Washroom

    There are 2 entry points into the washroom. One from the living room and another from the bedroom.

    The one from bedroom has a direct connect straight into the washroom. Whereas one from living room has luggage area and closet connected to it. The closet is a large beautiful place. There is a sliding door that leads to the washroom.

    In the Washroom, you have round double sinks with lot space around them.

    There is lovely soaking tub next to it and a separate cabin for both toilet and shower.

    Luckily, the toilet has a bidet spray here.

    We have both the options of a handheld shower and a rainforest shower. The water pressure was average but the temperature was great.

  2. Toiletries


  3. Service

    This visit left lot to be desired. Service was inconveniently slow. If I requested for something, it would take a very long time. My afternoon meal took 1 complete hour to be delivered. I am not sure what was the reason behind this. I definitely missed the staff I had met here before.

    Service at the restaurant was perfect. Chef Munsher wasn’t present but I was still served top notch food. I felt great that they were willing to provide me special diet food. A reason for which I would keep coming back. 

  4. Bottom line

    The hard product is fabulous. Since this hotel category has been dropped from 4 to 3 more people will be able to stay here at a cheaper price. I felt that there was definitely some issue with hotel categories as this hotel was nowhere close to St. Regis and yet it was considered the same category level. I am happy that SPG saw the error and fixed it.
    I just feel like I chose this hotel on a wrong day. This should not happen. I hope my next check in is less tough, though.


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