Beginning in 2015, Jet Airways launched Low Fares campaign where they promised that if price difference was more than
Rs 250 ( One-way Domestic)
Rs 500 (Round Trip)
Rs 1000 (International Trip outside India)

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If you book same class fare on domestic with same class on Jet Airways or if you find a cheaper fare, if your flight originates from India on the first segment, Claim your refund here.

There is always small letter Terms and Condition that you are supposed to read which is a very misleading claim. Jet Airways doesn’t truly provide you best price guarantee in most of the sequence where you would be eligible for the refund.

You could fill in the form and Jet Airways would provide you difference in the fare. Ofcourse booking class has to be same. Jet Airways sneaky terms and conditions are:

OTA = Online Travel Agency 

Makemytrip, Ctrip, Goibibo, Yatra etc are OTA.

What does that mean?

  1. If you find sale tickets on OTA but not on Jet Airways (No refund) as they might not display the lower booking class on their website but you might find it outside. 
  2. The first segment has to originate from India (No Refund) if you flying from outside to India. Sorry!
  3. Expect higher fare if you are booking on Jet Airways website if you are flying from Bangkok, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Colombo, Kathmandu, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Riyadh, Jeddah or any other International destination operated by Jet Airways. You would always end up paying higher. 


Use OTA when booking from Outside


  1. If your flight is flying in from outside as your first base isn’t Jet Airways, use other sites.
  2. Jet Airways would charge a premium from you to connect you on International Interline Partners if you book via their site. Use another site, if you are booking multiple airline segments. It would be cheaper. 
  3. Jet Airways would charge conversion fees too if you book from outside on their website. Use local OTA, you would get a much better bargain.

Disclaimer: You wouldn’t be entitled to a Full refund within 24 hours if you decide to cancel or change your tickets as you would on Jet Airways website.

What about Domestic?

Ever seen those sale promotion by Jet Airways where only lowest booking class is entitled to the sale and premium customers won’t get any benefits from booking those fare. Hence, a premium customer should always pay more than the regular person or Jet Airways doesn’t see you as the premium customer. Sorry SIR! we don’t care how much you pay us throughout the YEAR, PAY MORE or GET IN THE LINE! We don’t care if you take over 100 flights with us per year.

Using OTA might get you those sale fares which you were not able to find on Jet Airways sites.


Jet Airways website for fare 23 Nov 2017 from Hong Kong to New Delhi 

As you notice, If I book via codeshare partner Hong Kong Airlines, it is, even more, cheaper than what Jet Airways is offering to their own customer. It is the same flight, same body, yet you pay higher fees. 

Insult to injury. The same date. The fare on Jet Airways without including convenience fee that it would charge is HKD 2755 vs on OTA (2190 or 2230). 

As per current pricing 1 HKD = Rs 8.30


The price difference is 

2755 – 2105 = 650 (if ticket via Hong Kong Airlines) = Rs 5395

2755 – 2190 = 565 (If ticket via Jet Airways on OTA) = Rs 4690.

That is a major difference where I can add extra ticket in that much air fare difference. Ofcourse, I am not entitled to any refund as flight originates from Hong Kong and not from New Delhi

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Cody is a travel consultant and full-time traveler from India. He holds a deep background in Network and Network Security. Something that enabled him to develop the hacker mindset. He uses his hacker mindset to travel Luxuriously and to stay in suites in 5-star hotels and resorts and fly business or first class at very economical prices by applying various travel hacks to enrich his and his client's life. He helps people maximizing their travel portfolio. He believes that your current travel should reward your future travels. Cody initially traveled as a backpacker and stayed in modest locations and over the period has improved his life by using all his travel hacks to stay in top-end luxury locations across the world. Cody has traveled over 60 countries in last 5 years. Cody is a blogger, motivator, storyteller, travel consultant and a life coach. He has been featured in multiple publications such as Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar, magazines such as Men’s Health. He was invited to inspire people on a platform such as TEDx. He has trained over 100s of people achieve their lifestyle goals.


  1. Online ticket booking have major loopholes like these. Booking an flights from goibibo has same kind of implication, even worse, they tell you in their TnC a 10% applicable goibibo cash but when you go to booking page, they don’t allow more than 5% to be deducted without any reason. Contacted them but they pay no heed.
    Always, ALWAYS Check thoroughly before booking! Good job on Creating awareness.

  2. Hi Vipul,

    I totally agree with you that GoIbibo looks very lucrative on the surface but it is extremely misleading in its advertising. GoIbibo allows you to only have 3 bookings a month and you are allowed to use only certain part of GoCash and there are so many terms and conditions attached to everything that your really never get the discount you thought you were getting. It took me about 1year to solve a problem with their customer service.


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