Remember,  the cringy cold sandwich or that stupidest wrap that made me choke even thinking about it. For a passenger taking 100 flights and getting same food on every flight.   EWWW!!! We started debating that at least we get options on Indigo. When would dear VISTARA start flying all over? We never counted that meal on the flight. Take your food from home.

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I started ordering Fruit Platter on all my flights. With a hope that they would least be fresh. Some days they would be good while on other days it would make me throw up. Poor Airline staff who have to work that. I love you aviation staff. You know I always come over and say nice things.

Well MANAGEMENT an ot ear full from the aviation minister and they decided to change. Thank you Mr. Vinay Dubey for hearing our prayers. Only if you could fix ever dying JetPrivilege program that punishes Platinum member every time new announcement is made. 

Jet Airways refines onboard dining experience for Economy guests

New, innovative and attractive oven-proof meal box to retain meal freshness

Airline reintroduces the all-popular ‘Biryani Festival’ every Friday


Jet Airways has enhanced its in-flight dining experience for Economy guests, with a particular focus on quality and choice of meal services. (OR THEY SAY) The new initiatives, including one in which the airline will introduce specially created, innovative, oven-proof meal boxes for shorter duration flights, will help the airline further enrich and strengthen its full-service offering.

Beginning the New Year, meals on domestic flights with a duration of less than an hour (60 minutes) are being served in these specially fabricated and designed meal boxes, that preserve the flavor and freshness of the food being served. The appealing boxes will not only ensure that meals remain piping hot and are served fresh, but will also enable Jet Airways’ to expanding the choice of its meal offerings significantly. The move will enable guests on short-haul flights to savour food that is fresher, warmer and tastier.

Popular snack options served in these special boxes include Samosas, Vada Pav, Chicken Empanada, or a Vegetarian/ Chicken Pizza Stromboli, with complimentary dessert – all guaranteed to be served at the right temperature. With eight different menu combinations, guests can expect a new surprise every time.

The new boxes, which are recyclable, will also go a long way towards reducing the airline’s carbon footprint as they will eliminate the requirement for trays and covers, as also reduce water consumption. The initiative is also expected to quicken Jet Airways’ in-flight service on shorter duration flights. Moreover, the elegant boxes will offer a more refined onboard dining experience for guests.

Friday Biryani

Starting January 05, 2018, Jet Airways has also begun serving Biryani as a standard menu offering for lunch and dinner aboard its flights every Friday. The airline’s culinary initiative is available on flights connecting the six metros of Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

The introduction of Biryani on Friday’s follows the immense success of the Biryani festival that the airline had recently hosted. The mouth-watering and delectable delights served during the week-long festival had received extensive appreciation from guests. In fact, Biryani was also one of the top-most ordered food item by Indians in 2017, as per certain reports.

Jet Airways’ new initiative brings together a whole host of Biryani flavors from around the country, helping its guests experience and celebrate the culinary culture and flavors from several Indian states while experiencing the Joy of flying with the airline. The selections have been carefully crafted and comprise an enviable spread that includes several regional bestsellers such as Yakhni Pulao Biryani, Aloo Badi Ki Biryani, Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani, Kabuli Biryani, Kolkata Style Chicken Biryani, Lucknawi Dum Biryani, Shahi Veg Biryani and Veg Mopla Biryani.


if your flight is more than 2 hours, may lord still have mercy on you. I recently flew on Jet Airways Mumbai to Dubai. It was really strange flight. There was no JetScreen on it. The food was a surprise at best and of course I didn’t order fruit platter because I knew deep down that it would suffice me. 

Being International flight, I was hoping the lounge would be better. Guess what? To cut costs, the Jet Airways has moved away from the traditional GVK West Lounge to new GVK East lounge which isn’t half good as GVK West Lounge or even Domestic lounge. 

I am not taking Jet Airways out of India if it is not Boeing 777 or Airbus 330. Emirates is offering way more for lesser price. 


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