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  2. My Observation and timetable

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    I had booked a Luxury Privilege package. So I was entitled to a room upgrade. I forgot to check or I would have gotten Premier Suite which is one category higher than my room. I booked 2 rooms and I would be getting credit for 2 nights.

    You don’t get any bonus for the 2nd However, just having elite night helps.The package also included 1-hour spa, breakfast for 2 (read  4). I let my family enjoy the spa privileges. So I won’t be able to comment on that either.I had already spoken to the manager beforehand. They promised that they would keep play area for baby is free.

    I waited for my family for a while before they arrived. It was the one day in a year  I could spend with them. I wanted them to start the new year on a  grand note.

    As they arrived, they were mesmerized by the property. My parents loved it so much that they started making plans to revisit, almost immediately.  The good news is that hotel has since been dropped from category 6 to category 5. With this little drop, I can easily use my free nights to stay here since  SPG allows free night awards till category 5 hotels.

    The property also features the 27 hole Jack Nicholas Golf Course. This the  2nd largest golf course in Asia. My dad reminisced about the good ol’” days in Amby Valley. 

    They have golf karts to take you around the property.  In the evening one of the staff members came to show us the property in a Golf Kart. There is so much to do at this resort.
    Since this is winter time in Delhi, expect to see one of the thickest fogs ever.

  3. Fitness Center

    The fitness center is located in the club house.I woke up early to get my workout done. On my way I see fog vapors coming out of the pool. Splendid sight!

Club house has a  wonderful view opposite it. There is a lovely public swimming pool outside.

They had all sort of chairs present around the pool making it feel like as luxurious and relaxing.

The gym located on the first floor has all the modern types of equipment. It is a long room with a   lot of cardio machines alongside the window. Treadmills are same as you would find in all properties with TV and some fitness circuit training.

All the weights are placed on the right corner of the room.

Right outside the Gym is the perfect location to take pictures of the property.


4. Food and Beverages

As you may have guessed that Hotel has one of the highly venerated restaurants called India room. It looks magnificent for just about everything.

  1. Cutlery, table, chandelier. I have captured pictures of everything.The set menu is worth trying. I regrettably forgot to take pictures of food that I ate.

    The staff wasn’t even aware of evening hours until I asked for it.  After some calls , the duty manager informed me that I would have lounge hours from  6 PM to 8 PM. The lounge hours at this hotel are one of the sordid secrets of the hotel.  They didn’t provide any snacks. The only unlimited quantity of alcohol with a very selected variety of liquor. I was highly disappointed about  I was hoping they would at least serve a  couple of warm snacks to go along with the meal.  This is one of the few things that pissed me off royally.


The spread of breakfast at this hotel wasn’t large. Quite understandably so as all the food will be wasted. However, whatever was present was excellent.

They had the perfect mix of Indian and continental. I had enough vegetarian options to have scrumptious breakfast. If you request them to make anything, they’d  do it instantly. I took my time to savor everything.

I just loved the taste of pancakes. I have never tasted better-done jaggery sauce. It actually tasted like a salted caramel dropped from heaven itself.

5. Service

I found the staff very cheerful and  We were provided prompt service for everything.  I don’t recall calling them twice for anything.Executive Ms. Simran Chakraborty shared her experience about working with other ITC properties such as ITC chola.  She answered all my questions with patience and was a  delightful person to interact with. She took care of all my family needs without breaking her smile.Ms. Nagma too was quite  caring.As I shared earlier, my package included the spa. Initially, I was told that spa was full and they wouldn’t be able to accommodate us. However, when I told them about the package I had booked(after few phone calls back and forth) they made space for us.I forgot the name of the Duty manager. But he was always there and eager to help.

As I mentioned earlier that if you don’t have a local vehicle  then you would be in trouble. As Ola/Uber/Meru or any other radio taxi doesn’t service Grand Bharat,w e  ordered Ola in advance from our location. As you would have guessed, they decided to decline our request at the last minute.Only way to leave the hotel would be hiring  an expensive Audi Q7, if you take the hotel taxi.  I requested them to drop us to Hyatt Regency Gurgaon as it was one place where I knew that I could get a taxi easily.  Grand Bharat magnanimously decided to make that drop complimentary and we somehow managed to get on our flight on time. 

6. Bottomline

ITC Grand Bharat is one of the best and most luxurious resort properties I have seen anywhere in India so far. They have lot of potential to be the top resort in the country. I am surprised why they aren’t ranked on Tripadvisor accordingly. Maybe, I feel there is lack of awareness about the property.Staff is top notch . The property is  a place of tranquility and serenity. My only qualm is with the accesibility. They seriously need to consider a free pick and drop service to this particular piece of paradise. I would recommend the place in a heartbeat.


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