1. Umaid Bhawan Palace and Jodhpur Sightseeing
  2. Umaid Bhawan Historical Suite
  3. Umaid Bhawan Maharani Suite
  4. ITC Rajputana at Jaipur
  5. Le Meridien Jaipur
  6. Westin Pushkar
  7. Gateway Resort Pushkar
  8. Pushkar and Ajmer Sightseeing
  9. ITC Maratha Mumbai


Wanting to try out multiple properties, I stumble upon the one they call Le Meridian(Jaipur).It was truly hard to find the location despite booking in advance.Apparently, it is somewhere in the forbidden zone of Ola and Uber, right outside Jaipur.You are basically on your own once you reach.

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This adventure began with me receiving a letter from Ms.Lovely Tripathi and me shamelessly informing her about me celebrating my upcoming birthday there


Upon entering the property, you see a little driveway from the main gate to the lobby.I was given a traditional Indian welcome, reminiscent of the one at the Umaid Bhawan Palace.

There’s a  pretty little walkway with a well-maintained garden look from the entrance to the lobby.

The property looks like you are entering a  Rajasthani fort. A welcome drink was served to me with a garland around my neck.

The lobby is a lavish affair. It is spacious with a lot of seating options.

Once they got my ID, they escorted me to my room. I was upgraded to Villa. I am not sure why I was given a villa over a suite room. But as per Ms. Chandni Chaurasia who is alternate duty manager, the platinum member get upgraded to a villa and not the suite.

What is the difference?


You get a standalone room with more privacy. The room is smaller in size, but you are more out in nature (sort of).  The villa is comparatively darker.  You can sit outside the room on the patio.  It feels the more resort-like vibe. The washroom is far nicer in a villa


The suite is larger room located on higher floor. The suite is more like Westin Gurgaon where you have a separate living room, and the room feels more spacious.

Why do I prefer suite?

Well, I like a bigger room with separate area for working. I prefer the lighting present in the suite. However, I feel the Platinum members should be given an option between Villa and the suite.


The room was one of the rooms in a wing which felt like a cottage on its own. As I went inside the room, it was a massively decorated room. It felt like honeymoon suite minus the part where I was traveling as a solo. However, there were nice ribbons, balloons and other intimate objects that made it worthwhile.

On the left side, we have LCD TV above a table unit.

After TV, you have a study table with a wooden chair. I didn’t find chair comfortable for the long hours work. I prefer my chair with wheels as I can work my hours.

Just little further there was a round table with 2 lounge chairs around it. On the table was the welcome amenity that consisted of the local sweet and fruits.

You could step out from the side and enter the garden.

The room felt so dark that I had to ask for extra lights. I was not able to see the whole room clearly. You can see in the picture as for how dark the room feels.

The bed was like a huge bed with comfortable mattress. The bed had curtain setup where curtain surrounds the bed.

On the right side of the bed, we have a mini bar and blocked area.  
Behind the blocked area were the closet and vanity room.



The washroom was the complete opposite of the room. It was in the middle of the nature feeling with bright lights. I felt so comfortable there. This property felt very similar to Westin Sohna Resort.

As you enter the washroom, on the left you have double sinks. The sinks were decorated with flowers. It looks so beautiful.

Opposite to the sink was a soaking tub. It felt more like a huge jacuzzi. The tub is so well decorated.  The area around it feels it in middle of nature bath. You can see the trees around you. You have privacy but you are middle of tranquil nature feel.

This is the night look. It looked glorious.
On the corner was the toilet with wooden top. The toilet had spray bidet attached to it.

There was shower cabin with lots of space. The setup made the cabin feel like a separate unit. They had both handheld shower and rain shower. This place is literally like an oasis in the desert.  The water temperature and water pressure were both great.

Fitness Center

Swimming Pool

The pool is in middle of the property.  It is surrounded by a lot of water bodies which make it attractive.  As you already know, I rarely take a dip in the pool by myself.


The gym at the property is pretty decent.  They have a row of modern treadmills with TV inbuilt into them.

On another side, you have some resistance machines.

They have a separate area for weights where you have both dumbells and barbell.

Food and Beverage


As my duration there, the property was mostly empty. There weren’t many guests and hence staff didn’t prepare a lot of option. They asked me what I would like to have, and they would serve that fresh to me.

You can see what they had placed in the buffet. The chef offered to cook me Dal Bafla. However, I had to decline as I had some shopping to do in the town.


During my duration there, the staff was extremely kind to me.

They prepared a cake for me.  I celebrated my birthday with the staff.

They even took a photo of me and gave it to me in a souvenir frame.

The place basically felt like my own palace as I was free to roam around.  As I mentioned earlier, the only caveat was that I got to stay in Villa vs. Suite room as for my purpose it was more suitable.

I am especially thankful to both Duty manager who took care of me.


My Observations

The property is listed as a resort which makes it difficult to understand that if they have evening hours or not.  Unfortunately, at this property, there were no evening hours where they serve you snacks and liquor.

There is a cultural performance at this retreat from 6 PM where they serve Chana Jor (Gram Chips) and Chai (Indian milk tea).

The property has recently opened and is usually designed for weddings. The main property prospect is currently weddings. That is how they are generating the revenue.

The area is surrounded by Aravalli region. They also claimed that this property had been used for shooting some Indian films.


This property is very far from the city and doesn’t expect to commute around the city if you stay there. There is nothing around this property other than 2 hotels. JW Marriott and Fairmont.  Both the properties again in the same niche as this one. They are all currently used as destination wedding properties majorly.

If you come here. Think relaxation. The property is large. However, they don’t have many activities for the kids.  As when I came, the property was literally empty and hence the price may have been a steal.

I would recommend this property as a whole. However, I recommend only if you coming to stay here.

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