1. Umaid Bhawan Palace and Jodhpur Sightseeing
  2. Umaid Bhawan Historical Suite
  3. Umaid Bhawan Maharani Suite
  4. ITC Rajputana at Jaipur
  5. Le Meridien Jaipur
  6. Westin Pushkar
  7. Gateway Resort Pushkar
  8. Pushkar and Ajmer Sightseeing
  9. ITC Maratha Mumbai

Tripadvisor has been generous to Umaid Bhawan Palace in 2018 and declared them as

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  • Best Hotel in India
  • 2nd Best Hotel in India
  • 3rd Best Hotel in the world

They won many other categories of awards.

For this, we are going to review the most luxurious room in this Palace Resort called the Maharani Suite which costs around Rs 4 lakhs a night or $6200.

The room is used mostly for a royal wedding or VVIP guests that visit the hotel, and they provide equivalent services. The room is Palatial in nature. It’s freaking huge!


Waiting Area

So apparently, this room has a separate waiting area on the outside where people can actually sit and wait, and not disturb you in the living room where you might be conducting a meeting. And of course, Why would people wait downstairs?

Outside, there are 4 sets of couches present. On the wall is a White tiger skin etched in full size while an acrylic candle stands in the middle. The air movement is decent.

Dining Area

It is on the left and divided into 2 parts.

One is the kitchenette with basic items like a microwave, oven, freezer, tea/coffee maker and some crockery. There is nothing to heat the food but they have a chimney and some space around it.

The other part has the dining area which has a regal long table look. It has the dining capacity for 8 people with all glasses and plates set. Here, you have the option to host a candlelit dinner too.

Living Room

The Living Room in its singularity only is larger than most full hotel rooms I’ve been to.

Pink is the theme. One side of the room has a TV while rest of the room has lots of sitting options.  The main seating setups are of 2 kinds. Basically, you have 3 isolated couches in each part and a long couch which can easily accommodate 10 people comfortably on each set. That is quite a huge party! Plus, there is a lot of space to move around otherwise.

A small study table rests in the corner of the room. I am not sure who would use that.

The balcony that runs parallel to the room is a palace-sized balcony. It has a swing for two and 2 sets of roundtables with a couple of chairs to sit upon.

You will witness a netted garden view from this balcony.


This room will welcome you into different colors. It is more cream, beige and whitish as compared to the of the room that is mushrooming-in-pink.

On the left, you literally have a queen size bed!  The mattress is plush and springy for your kids to jump on.

On both sides of the bed, you have drawers with ancient clocks, a telephone (ROOM Service and House Keeping anyone?), a table lamp and a switchboard to insert your chargers.

There is a walkway on the left of the bed to the balcony and a little-obstructed view of the garden downstairs.

In front of the bed are a calf-height round table and a set of couches. There are 2 standalone couches on the left while a long love couch on the right which can seat three. At the end of the room is TV which looks very small from the distance from the bed. It would be difficult to chill in the bed and watch movies comfortably without a stiff neck.

There are some drawers and cupboards all around the room to put your stuff.

There are paintings of the royal lady present.

Washroom and Massage Area

Ahead of the bedroom, there is a massage area for couples.

I am sure this room has been recently been modified and repurposed to a massage room. The feel of the room is very modern even though the furniture is from the 80s. I am not sure what this room was about earlier.

There are elegant flower decorations and aromas in this room and it is attached to a grand washroom.

There is a sitting area in massage room too.

The last room is basically a huge closet.

Two washrooms are connected to each other. However, to go to the second washroom, you would have to pass the first. Hence both can’t be accessed at the same time. It also doesn’t make sense that the handicap washroom is outside while the bigger washroom is inside considering that a  handicapped person would want to walk less and not more.

Outside Washroom

The outside washroom has a single hexagonal sink. It’s unique for sure.

The toilet is traditional with both Indian and Arabic bidet options. There is table to put your stuff on.


The main washroom is truly obnoxiously royal with legendary stories.

The soaking tub is the central attraction in the washroom.  It is a single stone designed tub by local craftsmen. There is a story behind this piece. The king wanted to order fittings from Harrods store in London but the customs duty was costing him a pretty penny. So, instead of being spendthrift about it (which people claim the palace is anyway), he hired local craftsmen. The craftsmen did a better job than the Harrods. The king was so happy that he gave the craftsmen more work after that.

There is a pink single seat couch on the right side.

There are mirrors fitted around the room. On the opposite side of the bathtub, there are dual sinks that are made of stone remnants of the bathtub. Truly regal! Instead of the sinks being together,  they are on the opposite ends of the washroom. Most hotels have the dual sinks together. Look how spacious the washroom is. LIKE FOR REAL!

Of course, they have the original style rainshower which was fitted in the 50s with a separate glass cabin. For some reason, I thought the cabin was identical to that of ITC Grand Bharat.

There is another interesting piece at end of the washroom. There is a jacuzzi overlooking the garden. You would have to climb a couple of steps and jump into it. That stuff is true heaven. The garden outside is just wonderful!


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