1. Entry to the hotel.

    The best part of this property is its access to public transports. It is right next to Green Park Metro station. It is very close to Hauz Khas Village and the way, hotel is designed, is great. You have lots of privacy. They are one of the good looking properties that provide you total privacy and don’t create ruckus if you bring a friend along, one problem that is prevalent in all the hotels in New Delhi.
  1. Why are you in this hotel in this city? Before this I had stay for 2 nights in Hyatt Regency New Delhi where I had used “Pay 1 night Stay 2 nights” offer. For one extra night I decided to choose a property close to HauzKhas village as I had also planned to hang out with my friends a night earlier. It was a legitimate decision to book it; it being close to Hauz Khas Village and available at a very good price point if you book via OTAs. Ashtan Sarovar Portico is part of the chain property. However, they don’t have a good loyalty program and hence I highly recommend booking it via online travelling agencies instead of directly booking with them. It is a limited-luxury property which is good for your pockets. Normally this property gets sold out easily. I had a great stay earlier and decided to stay here again.

3. Check in

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I just went to them and showed them my reservation done by OTA. They quickly provided me with a room after verifying my id. I was provided room on 2nd floor as I required a larger room. First floor is where the restaurant, for breakfast buffet, is, and the rooms are little smaller there. Rooms on higher floor appeared little bigger. For the first time I was provided a room which was quite inside.

The lobby was average with 2 couches for sitting. The décor was little bit unique. The roof is very high.


4. Journey to the room

After the reception, as I walked a little ahead, there was an elevator on the left. My room was on 2nd floor. I had to pass through the entire corridor. From there you can glance at lobby situated below as shown in picture earlier. I turned right at the end of the hall. There was lot of natural lighting in the hallway; thanks to the open balcony and rooms around situated high above lobby.

5. Room

I was provided room 214. As I entered, there was a small hallway leading to bed.  On entering there was a luggage rack on right and a washroom on left.

It was a small area. Once you have entered the room, you can see that bed is average. It is comfortable but do not have one of the best mattresses out there. I didn’t have any problem as such. Bed’s size was decent. Pillows were comfortable and fitted snugly around neck. Bed was of Queen Size precisely and not King Size.

There was a small sofa next to bed and a table to put things on. There was also a writing table & a comfortable moving chair at it.  The chair was similar to those of many high-end luxury brands.

This room was visible from the washroom; you could see the room from its inside.

There was absolutely no view of outside from the room.
There is a small glass stand in the room on one side of the tabletop to put things on. Room definitely looked modern.

In front of the bed, was a decent size LCD TV whose volume was regulated automatically. They had DTH connection and hence you had access to wide variety of channels. The room was overall spacious.

At night I realized I won’t be having a good sleep as there was a motor running somewhere which kept on producing noise and the bed was vibrating. I hated it. This is one of those unpleasant things in hospitality where you expect you are going to get a good deal of soft products but then some external factors just screw up your experience.

6. Washroom

Washroom here had a nice glass wash basin. The view is of the room and TV. Long & magnifying mirrors on both sides make it look interesting. Definitely I liked the aesthetics involved. Towels were fresh.

The toilet was tall and had a bidet attached to it. As you already know, I appreciate hotels which have bidets attached than one without it. They should atleast provide their customers with a choice.

The washroom had rain shower attached on its wall. Pressure of sprinkling was average whereas water’s temperature was slightly disappointing. It didn’t feel like I was really getting any warm water.

7. Toiletries

Toiletries seemed just local and rubbish. They were cheap and something I won’t use myself.

8. Internet Speed

Internet was slow. You can’t imagine to do heavy duty work here.

9. Food and Beverages

The food spread here is average. I liked the quality of food available Unfortunately I have lost all the pictures of this property that I took. I apologize for that.

10. Fitness Center

There is no fitness center at this property.

11. Service

I found the hotel offering enforceable service rather than being hospitable. The staffs were just working due to commercial obligation. Their congeniality was not genuine. It didn’t feel like they took pride in themselves for being hospitable.

12. Bottomline

I do not appreciate this stay at all as the main reason you go to hotel is to feel rested and I definitely didn’t feel rested However I loved the price and deal I got at this hotel. I had stayed here in past and didn’t face any such issues as I had, this time. Maybe, I might opt for a different room next time. But this is definitely a destination for those who would like to go for with limited luxury. Don’t expect much in terms of hospitality.  It is good place for the locality it is present at.

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