1. Introduction

    La Familia had decided it was time for a small vacation get together(minus the wallet killing expenses). We decided that we would relax in a resort not too far way. We rarely get time to be together.

The Grand Bhagwati or as local call it in short TGB is a chain hotel that recently opened in outskirts of Indore. The main business of the property still comes from hosting the wedding as it is really far from city center. It is difficult to get transportation around here unless you come with your own.

As you enter the hotel, there is roman design to it. You have a nice fountain in the middle. The hall opposite to hotel entrance is usually used for the weddings functions.

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As we had prearranged our stay, our check-in was smooth, and all of us were allotted room on 2nd floor. The property wasn’t going to have a lot of customers as it was wedding offseason. We almost had the resort to ourselves.

The elevator is first right after the reception.

I used the money tip method to get myself upgraded to suite room.


I was provided room number 212 which is a standard suite room.  The decoration of the room felt it being more of middle segment luxury and not high-end 5-star luxury. I would compare this room to Four Point by Sheraton Ahmedabad.

Living Room

There are wooden furnishing and feeling everywhere. There is a lot of teak wood that is used.

As you enter the room, on the left you have a storage unit where you place your bags.

Little further you have a wooden study table with couch like a chair. The table is wide enough for comfortable working hours.

There is a couch opposite to the study table. For some reason, the couch is of 2 colors. Grey and brown. The couch is placed in L shape. The seating is pretty good in this room.  3 people can comfortably sit on the grey sofa while 2 can take brown. The sofa is very comfortable. There is rectangle wooden table placed next to the sofa. The table feels little odd in this room. It is a dull table with no carving or anything.

There is TV placed on the right of the couch which makes a very weird angle for TV watching. You can only watch properly from the brown couch and not the grey couch which can sit more people.  It would have been better if the TV was fitted in the wall above the study table. Again, the designer didn’t give much thought to it.

There was welcome amenity placed on the table.

There is a door separating living room and the bedroom.

The Bedroom

As you enter the door, there is washroom on the right.

As you walk ahead, there is a paper table on the left. In the corner, you have a very comfortable lounge chair with ottoman for a kickback. You have to walk little ahead to the see the room.

When you turn right, you have the large king size bed.  The mattress on the bed was comfortable, and I had a sound sleep.

The view from the room is of empty fields, and you can see some colleges in the distance.

There is TV Opposite to the bed placed on the wooden table.


The feel of the washroom was completely different from the room.  The washroom didn’t feel that luxurious to me. The size of the washroom felt microscopic for a suite room. 

As you enter the washroom, there is a single large sink on a granite slab.

On the corner, you have a standard open toilet with a bidet spray next to it.

Luckily, they did have a shower cabin. You have the  option for both rain shower and handheld shower. The water pressure was average while the  temperature control was pretty good.

I was surprised that there was no place to put toiletries in the shower room. You have to put them on the floor. . There were only 2 towels just  like an OYO room and I needed to keep asking for those.



TGB has Aqua Shui toiletries which are standard with all Marriott hotels. I have almost no feelings for them since there is no flavor to them.  But I like the idea of having brand that is not common to such properties. 

Food and Beverage



 I thought the taste of the food was a  hit or miss with them. The hotel has a pure vegan menu.  The buffet spread was fairly ordinary. No exclamation mark on that front.

The good part for any vegetarian  is that all the bakery is vegetarian too. However, the chef isn’t trained to handle dietary requirements.

You can see the spread here.

  1. Service

    When I was there, the hotel was more or less vacant. Despite that ,the service was actually slower than you would expect it to be.  Whatever I asked for, took a minimum of thirty minutes to arrive even the smallest of things like dental kits.

    I don’t consider it positive or negative as I didn’t have any issues that disrupted my stay.
  2. ,



    TGB is basically your average mid luxury segment hotel/resort.During my stay I noticed a distinct lack of attention to detail and it showed up everywhere(from the service to the room design and the uninspiring menu).Being far from the city arranging transport is a real hassle.This property is best seen as a wedding hall moonlighting as a hotel and absolutely confused about what it wants to be.Not having a functional activity center only confirmed my suspicions on that front.The only saving grace was  the value for money this hotel that offered which made my stay worthwhile.

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