1. Introduction

    After my grandmother passed away, I had to go to Ahmedabad. I had some work in Mumbai and I couldn’t wait until evening to travel there. I decided to book a stay for the night at this hotel. Also, the price point seemed perfect.Plus I was taking part in the generous IHG 2017 quarter 1 challenge.

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    The number of points I would get for this stay were great.
    Points I got =10200
    Points in Amount = Rs 2770
    Cost of the room = Rs 3100
    Getting a room for roughly Rs 400.
    Not a bad deal at all.

    The hotel is located in a convenient area of Ashram road. This is Holiday inn express. You can’t expect much here. All the rooms are of the same size. The only difference is that you can order a twin bed or full bed. This is a limited luxury chain hotel.

  2. Check-In

    I went up to the reception expecting standard IHG check in. However, they didn’t acknowledge me for being IHG member. They told me that room isn’t ready and I would have to wait till it gets ready. After waiting for a while, I was provided room number 424.
    There is some sitting area around the lobby. I thought the area next to the lobby was a café. However, I never saw any staff there or anyone coming there to eat anything. It seems this area is used for breakfast.

    The hotel has a popular restaurant, Asia Kitchen connected to it.
    On the right end of the lobby is the elevator for the room.

  3. Room

    I had to walk a long hallway to reach my room. There was nothing about the hallway that stood out.

    As I open the room, I feel it is an average size room.

    On the left side is storage area where you place your bags.Next to the storage area is a mini bar.

    On the right side is a queen size bed. I am surprised that they don’t have a proper king sized bed option at all.

    Placed on the opposite side of the bed, is the TV. They had dish setup and hence you can watch lots of channels.Then on the left side at the end of the room, which in my opinion is the perfect place to have a work table. The table size is average but it was comfortable to sit here and get some work done. They also had a proper office chair which was comfortable.There was a lounge chair with a round table at the corner of the room.The view on the outside was a residential neighbourhood.The power plugs next to the bed are international and support multiple types of pins.I love the concept. For the price, you are getting a limited luxury room which is doable for a night. This isn’t a long stay hotel. For the long stay luxury option, you can opt for Crowne Plaza. However, for short budget stay, this is a nice hotel.

  4. Washroom

    I found the washroom very small. It felt like an Ibis hotel washroom. I think this is the cookie-cutter Holiday Inn express size. Even Ibis hotels have a similar setup.As I opened the washroom, there is a toilet. The toilet is placed in the open without any cabins. However, there is a bidet spray next to it.On the left is a single round sink. I found the space around it extremely small. It is not comfortable to line up your stuff here.However, they did have a shower cabin. So your washroom doesn’t get wet when you take bath. They only had a handheld shower. There was no proper shower. The temperature and pressure were fine. You won’t have a very nice relaxing bath but it gets the job done.

  5. ToiletriesThey have toiletries in the dispenser. This is the first time I am seeing Boutique toiletries in the dispenser. Moreover, I am confused when they mix shower gel and shampoo into one thing.I really didn’t like the flavour. I would bring my own toiletries anyway if I ever stay in any of the IHG properties in India.
  6. Fitness Center

    There was none.

  7. Food and Beverage

    I didn’t get a chance to try out the breakfast here. As I had a 3 am flight to catch. However, I asked around and people said it wasn’t much. There weren’t many options in the breakfast.You should definitely try Asia kitchen, though. I forgot to take pictures there. However, I really loved the food there. In a city like Ahmedabad, you get healthy options which are a big plus. I would definitely recommend people trying that out.

  8. Service

    The service was mixed messages for me. Normally all IHG properties offer an airport transfer facility. I had asked them in the morning if they provide the airport transfer and they had agreed. However, I checked with the agent in the evening and they declined the transfer and said it would be chargeable.I wasn’t greeted in standard IHG format. They never acknowledged me for being an IHG member. They didn’t provide any welcome amenities either.  Even if you are an elite guest with the chain, there are no elite benefits at this hotel.

  9. Bottomline

    The only reason I stayed here was the IHG bonus and the perfect hotel price. This is an ideal hotel for you to complete your challenges at very low cost. You should not expect much from the property. I am surprised that this hotel is never ever part of the points break promotion but it should be.I wouldn’t have a problem coming back here in case my usual suspects are not available or I am here for just a layover.

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