Entry to the hotel.

Holiday Inn has a long pathway that leads to the Hotel entrance. Although this property looks big from a distance, it is quite moderate in size and has good prices if you book it at the right time. I consider booking anywhere round all 30 days than before the right time to book IHG property to get the best rates unless you are booking for peak season or important holiday.

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The lighting was abundant and the fountain outside the lobby was just lovely. As I entered the lobby, it felt strangely familiar. I think this is because all IHG properties look alike because IHG believes in providing the Cookie Cutter experience.

Why are you in this hotel in this city?

I was in Mumbai on transit to Ahmedabad for some work here that I needed to get done before bouncing off. That’s when I realized that I qualify the accelerate offer for some serious amount of points.

I value IHG points at Rs. 0.74. There is no big upgrade if you become an IHG Reward Premium Member except for maybe a better room. They don’t provide you with many privileges. You don’t get suite upgrades or anything of the sorts. If you want to become a valuable member at IHG, you can directly pay for it. You can either get IHG partnered credit card or get IHG Ambassador Program. Both ways you get elite features at all IHG properties including Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn.

The thing with Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza is that I get standard 800 points for roughly all the stays. There is not much variation to it. The only thing that makes it worthwhile from the points’ perspective is if you sign up for some offers such as the Accelerate Offer and a few others. My offer was that if I stay 3 nights at IHG, I get 2000 points. So when I booked Holiday Inn Mumbai – I was availing 3 offers in a go.

Price for hotel = Rs 5234
Points received
Stay points = 858
Bonus cash points = 5000
3 nights stay offer = 2000
Finishing 3/5 offers = 10,000
Total Points = 17858
Points worth = Rs 6072

Basically I got Rs. 7981 for staying at this hotel. Now you know why this was a steal.

Check in

Check in at any IHG property is coupled with a complimentary handshake from the desk agent thanking you for being an IHG reward member. They will perhaps give you extra attention because of it. When I checked into room, it was not ready. I decided that I didn’t have much time so I would come back later, and thus stowed my bag away and collected a baggage tag. I asked them to put my bag in the room whenever it is done. The check in lady definitely made me feel welcomed.
The Lobby here felt decently large and had good seating. It is a good place to even hold meetings. It also feels luxurious to sit here. It is not over the top, neither is it underdone.

Journey to the room

I came back to find that my bag has not been placed in any room yet. They scrambled to find out what room I was assigned. Meanwhile, I was given a room on the 8th floor. When they finally figured that room 828 had been assigned to me, they made a key for it and escorted me to the way towards my room.

The elevator is in the middle of 2 desks. From the elevator, my room was just the 3rd to the left. The hallway looked average. There weren’t any aesthetic decorations as such.


As I entered the room, there was small hallway with a luggage rack on the right. The washroom was on the left. The bed was a standard signature Holiday Inn bed. It was comfortable and large.

There was a small glass structure on right which had in it water bottles, glasses and a mini-bar.

The Sofa next to the bed was nice for sitting and lounging. There was a standard glass study table and a comfortable moving chair in the room. There were some Holiday Inn leaflets and posters. Behind the desk were elegant long wooden planks attached to the wall to hold up your belongings. As a standard in IHG property, you have see-through glass in the washroom with blinders.

The TV had a DTH connection. Luckily, Holiday Inn Mumbai had good variety of entertainment options available. They didn’t restrict themselves to the standard 50 channels like many chain properties do.

The plugs were Indian and you would have to bring your own converter if you are bringing any overseas gadgets. With this hotel, had the same old pet peeve, that is, it not having a master switch to kill the lights when you want to fall asleep. You need to find the switch board and turn off individual lights.

The view from the room was of the hotel’s courtyard and metro in some distance. Holiday Inn doesn’t even provide pens. They provide pencils for writing and I find that annoying. The Bathroom view is quite a cool thing to have. I believe the purpose of it is to be able to watch TV. Otherwise, I don’t see any other reason why a hotel would have glass for washroom. Although, mostly hotels have volume control for TV making it impossible to watch it anyway.


The washroom has a standard square basin. There is some space on both sides to hold your belongings. I love this basin as it has the minimum splash compared to the round ones.

Holiday Inn has separate units for toilet and shower. This is something I admire. I was very surprised to find that there was no bathtub in here. Although I wasn’t going to use it as I had an early morning flight but I would still like to have that option if I were to stay here longer.

The commode had bidet next to it. I really appreciate it when toilets have bidets. I just don’t know why they are not ubiquitous in India or in the properties I visit. But whenever I see them I definitely want to mention them.

They have both types of showers, Hand Held and Rain Shower. The water temperature was fine and water pressure was great. It was a relaxing bath.


As a standard IHG property in India, Holiday Inn had Biotique amenities which I detest. I am not a fan of Biotique as people who have been following my blog already know. I am fine with the Orange fragranced which was present at this property. It is only fragrance that I prefer from that brand.

Internet Speed

I didn’t use the internet as I came in late and left early morning.

Food and Beverages

I didn’t have time to try any food and beverages. Neither did they provide me with anything special in the room.

Fitness Center

Did not have enough time to see that too.


I found their services great. They even provided me a complimentary airport drop. The one thing that I like about Holiday Inn is that they always drop you to the Airport unlike many other where you are left to your own devices. Just for that one reason many a times I decide to stay with Holiday Inn instead of SPG or any other property. I am yet to try Andaz Delhi. Maybe I will in 2017. It is one of the pending properties on my list.


I would definitely return to this property the next time I am in the city if the price is right and there is some Accelerate Offer that I need to qualify. The staff is great. This Property is not exactly next to the airport like ITC Maratha or JW Marriott. However, it is close.

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