1. Introduction

    I have stayed at Sheraton Saket multiple times before. You can read my last report here. This was my first time here as an SPG Platinum member, though. I was expecting to stay in the Suite here.

  2. Check-In

    As I entered the reception, I was told that there wouldn’t be any upgrades available. I told the manager, Mr. Angad that this visit would be totally unworthy for me and that I would rather check out another hotel than review same room again.

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    When they declined still, I decided to try Andaz Delhi which had recently opened. However, after a few minutes, Mr. Angad asked if I could wait for an hour for the Suite. I said I had no problem with that. Select City Walk was just next door so I chilled there for a while.

    When I came back, my room was ready. I was provided room number 805.

  3. Room

    This is the floor plan of the hotel.


    As I entered the room, there was a long storage table on the left and a short hallway leading to the room. On the right was the half washroom.

    The storage table

    Half washroom with stepper in it.

    I walked ahead to the living room.

    The furniture was modern. On the left, was a sofa set for four people. It was a comfortable place to hold meetings.There was a wooden table next to it.

    At the end of the room was nice long work table. I loved its location. I wish all the hotels placed study table next to the window. I could admire the view outside while I was working as I could get work done in proper sunlight. I hated the chair. It was too tight. I would much prefer having a proper office chair when I am working.

    Across the sofa set was the TV. This hotel sucks when it comes to entertainment options. However, there is a lovely Bose iPod docking station which can work as a radio. It has awesome sound quality. I enjoyed the radio while I got the work done here.

    Opposite to the study table is a minibar and an espresso machine.

    They provided me with complimentary wine in the room.

    For welcome amenity, they gave me burfi with a lovely note. I really love this ITC touch when they provide you with the local sweet with a note.

    The living room is separated from the bedroom by a door.

    As I entered the room, my marbles, it is a KING size bed. Totally unexpected from ITC. I was so surprised to see a proper bed here.I love having a large bed to sleep-in. They make my sleep way more snuggly.

    There was an ottoman next to the bed.

    There was an old TV across the bed.

    On the right to TV was vanity and dressing table with mirror in it. There is luggage rack on the right of the table.

    We also have a lounge chair in the corner of the room and round table top next to it.
    On the left of the bed was a surprise. A massage chair in the room! Totally love this.

    Switchboards are modern and support all countries adapters. I haven’t seen such a clock in a long time, though. Maybe ITC?

  4. Washroom

    There was a standard single black sink on the left side with a lot of space on the counter to put your stuff on.

    Across the sink is a lovely bath tub. It does look luxurious. However, I didn’t have a chance to take a bath in this.


    Hey! ITC heard me, sort of. There was a separate section for the toilet. At least, there was some glass to separate the two.

    The toilet was traditional with a bidet spray next to it.

    They had a lovely shower cabin with standard ITC non-rain shower.

  5. Toiletries

    I am sorry about the bad picture. I just realized that this photo is shaky. I will make sure that all my pics are proper with perfect lighting next time.

    This time I had the best toiletries from ITC. The Macadamia shower gel is amazing. They actually solved my dilemma by separating out shower gel and shampoo. Thank you for that.


  1. Food and Beverage

    Well, the location of the club lounge has changed. Now they are located on the 7th

    The spread has developed. There is much more food now.

    The alcohol option is limited but still fine.

    They had some bread, soups, cold cuts, sandwiches and other tit-bits.

    This time, interestingly, they had hot snacks too. They had two hot vegetarian snacks and two non-vegetarian snacks. Club is so much superior to even ITC Maurya. I believe this is the best spread I have seen in the ITC chain ever. I will admit that it is not great as compared to other hotels like Le Meridien Gurgaon. However, for ITC, this is definitely the winner.


    They had a few new dishes for breakfast, so I got those pictures for you too. There were a new millet pancake and shiitake rice. I loved the pancake. Rice was alright.

  2. Service

    There were 2 people who really took care of my stay this time. One was the duty manager Mr. Angad who kept checking up on me from time to time. I would love to sit with him and talk hotels.

    Another person who I had never seen before was Ms. Leena Pandey. She is the Guest Relation Executive (GRE). She added small personal touches to my stay which made me feel that my stay was more personalized and special than any normal guest. She always wore a smile and whenever I asked for anything, she delivered with a smile.


  1. Bottomline

    This time I actually loved the room. This is one of the finest ITC hotels out there. The staff is great. Getting an upgrade might be an issue. However, they are getting far more hospitable now. For the first time, I thought they were better than ITC Maurya in terms of service.

    The vicinity to Select City mall makes it an ideal location for my stay. I would keep coming back here repeatedly.

    There is a small issue regarding ITC hotel when it comes to taxes. You have to shell out more taxes for the upgrade. This is something I have only seen at ITC and no other hotel does that in either Delhi or Gurgaon. I will have to figure out what is the reason behind this. I am going to make sure to check what my billables are in the final receipt when I book this hotel the next time.

    Note: They charge Rs 3000 for the upgrade. It definitely doesn’t look like Government imposed-tax. I have stayed in Le Meridien New Delhi and Four points by Sheraton. I didn’t pay Rs 3000 in either hotel. So it is definitely ITC overcharging the customer. I would mail the same to Starwood and seek their help.



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