1. Introduction

    I had already reviewed the Le Meridien Club room before. This time I will review the Suite. I never stay for more than two nights at a hotel because the returns start diminishing after that. However, this time, I stayed for four nights as I had some work.

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    I use Le Meridien Gurgaon as my points builder.

  2. Check-In

    Arriving past midnight, I couldn’t stand straight and just wanted to drop in bed. Luckily, my room was already readied. Room Number 1012.

  3. Room

    The Suite opened into the living room. It was smaller as compared to other hotels but it looked perfect to me. There is enough space to move around and conduct meetings.

    There is a beautiful painting on the left wall with a long table.

    Further left, there is an open area with a sink and a half toilet with a sliding door.

    I could see the modern love seat couch and an engraved table with fruit platter on the top. They delivered some welcome amenities later. Amenities included some delicious chocolates, nuts and a bottle of wine.

    There was a study table at the end of the room by the window. You already know that I love such a setting. One can sit there and work for hours instead of lying on the bed. I think that sitting on a proper table increases my work efficiency. The chair is so comfortable, it felt like a lounge chair with wheels.

    There is LED TV opposite to the couch. There are 2 entries into the bedroom. One right from the entrance and another from the study table’s side as you can see in the picture.

    The Bedroom seemed identical to the Club room. They have the same large king size bed. The mini luggage rack accompanies the mini bar and the cupboard. There are tables on both sides of the bed and a master light switch.

    The electronic curtains could be controlled from the bed.

    There was a flower vase at the end of the room and they put fresh flowers every day on the table.

    The lounge chair by the window stood with a glass stand and an ottoman next to it. The old iPod dock was irrelevant now and I couldn’t use it.

    On the left side of the room, you have closet and storage area.

  4. Washroom

    I loved the Washroom’s Design!
    The curtain view behind the sink never gets old for me. Something I appreciate so much it almost gets me singing swans.

    The bath tub is luxurious with a nice fitting.

    I was surprised to see no Bidet spray in the toilet. I would expect them to have it. Also, the toilet isn’t isolated in a cabin. But then again, if it was isolated I would miss out on the view behind the sink.

    The shower is a Megalith Rain Shower. I just wish they had better water pressure. I think it is a small issue that can be fixed with some plumbing.


  1. Food and Beverage

    I have already written in the past about their amazing lounge. What surprised me was that this hotel makes amazing Okonomiyaki! As you might be aware, I am mad about anything Japanese. If there is a place in the world where I could think of settling down forever, Japan would be at top of the list with Okonomiyaki in brackets.

    Bucheta is passable. I think the menu could be refined and made more healthy. Although, the buffet is very extensive and the chef was very kind to make me things I love.

    They make amazing granola bars too for breakfast which I gobble down super quick

  2. Service

    I don’t have any complaint per say. They didn’t go above and beyond the standard service for me but I shouldn’t expect them to do that either. If I wanted anything, they got it delivered. They made sure I had the fastest internet and tried their best to make me comfortable and I couldn’t ask for more.

  3. Bottomline

    This hotel is one of my favorites when it comes to doing mattress run. You are going to get what you paid for. They try their best to keep you happy. If you make a request, they would try and get it done for you. I will keep coming back here. It is also very close to the metro.

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