Sheraton Grand was on my map as I was looking to find a hotel in the middle of the city. I was surprised to see retail prices much higher than that of Mumbai’s Westin. When I got there, I learned that hotel was the erstwhile Le Meridien hotel
and was going under rebranding and renovation. The hotel had been a failure and was undergoing rebranding and renovation at that time. 

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2. Check-In

As I entered the lobby, it was huge dazzling chandeliers there. I was taken by surprise as I wasn’t expecting so much glitz. The lobby looked spotless. At the reception, they said that they didn’t have a suite room for me. I deserve the best for my money and ensured the managed understood that in the ensuing drama that i was obligated to perform (you know me .wink , wink)

I had spoken to the SPG representative and they said that they did have a room available and it was selling. After sitting there for a while, I was offered my room. I was given room on 5th floor, right next to the evening lounge.


The way around room felt pretty royal too with the red carpets and wallpapers.

3. Room

As I entered the room, there are 2 sides to the room.. I was surprised seeing this. I have rarely seen this configuration in any hotels that I have visited.

To the right was the living room.

On the deep right end of the room, there was a study table with roller wheelchair present. The desk felt too crowded with hotel stuff. However, I believe they wanted to advertise their other property which is rated as one of the happening property – Le Meridien Mahabaleshwar. They even had a brochure created for the resort property. Maybe someday I will review that too. It was a long table where you have a minibar, coffee maker etc on one side of the table and TV mounted above it.

You can only sit in one end of the room which made the sitting uncomfortable working place.

Opposite side was double seating couch. I found couch too small for a suite room. I am used to seeing 3 seat couches that can actually accommodate a group of four. However, this only allowed 3 people to seat. You had to pull the chair from the study table. The couch was average and not that comfortable for kickback chill party.

There is small round table in the middle where all the welcome amenity was placed.
There is a half washroom present at end of the living room in line with the entry door.

The view from the room was lots of green and hills present in the vicinity. 


There are pretty buildings in sight and I have captured some panorama too. 

As you enter the room, you see a bed tucked at the corner of the room. The mattress is very big yet firm. I love the mattress. It was a lot of fun jumping up and down on it like a nine year old. I am not sure if the bed is King size bed or Queen size bed. It’s somewhere in the perfect middle.

In middle of the bed is very nice marketing spa pillow. You are lying in middle of the bed and dreaming about being in a refreshing spa. Well, here is a list of information about the spa and very cunningly displayed spa discount coupons right next to the bed.

Right across the bed is TV put on a stand and there is window behind the TV.

At night we had difficulties with Air conditioning and had to call staff to sort it. Apparently there is a problem with main power acting funny and flimsy. I had the same problem with the switchboard.

You keep pressing them and nothing would happen and suddenly it would work. Call me
a simpleton, but I am absolutely addicted to pressing buttons and seeing magic happen instead of working hard on switches. There is a luggage rack before the bed.

4. Washroom

Washroom here is worthy of a king. The washroom is not over the top but everything I expect a real suite bathroom to be. As you enter the washroom, you see dual sink with lots of space around me. A large mirror that covers both the sinks behind it.

On the right is an incredible soaking tub that I didn’t get to use. There is of course ,no view from the tub.

On the left of the sink is a big shower cabin. The shower temperature was great and so was the pressure. It was pleasure to take a shower here.

The toilet wasn’t enclosed in a cabin and instead was kept open. There was a bidet spray next to it.

Overall, the washroom was nice and plush.

5. Toiletries

The toiletries were provided by douche. That’s quite a brand to have. I thought they felt average.
Shower Gel and Shampoo didn’t really have a sense of perfume that I expected it to have.

Although the bottle did smell nice and packaging was colorful.

6. Fitness Center

Getting to the fitness Center in this hotel is a maze on par with the bermuda triangle.The chances of getting lost are just so many. I am sure I saw a ghost or two of past guests still trying to find their way to the gym in there (lol..just kidding …probably)

Fitness center is the least impressive part of the hotel It is just a small room with some weights and cardio equipment.

The cardio equipment are average and not top of the line. It didn’t have tv or anything.
There is a rooftop swimming pool worth checking out on the property. The pool could have been a really special part of the hotel.

However, someone somewhere on the designing committee decided to go for the YMCA look rather than the infinity pool it could’ve been.

7. Food and Beverage


I didn’t get to use the lounge. However, the setting and setup looked fabulous. I would love to relax there and dine there during evening hours.


The breakfast at Sheraton Grand is quite an elaborate affair The spread is simply as irreristable as it is versatile.

The chef was nice enough to come and check with me if I had any allergies. Though sadly the marathi cuisine was rarer than a dodo on the menu. Despite this , I would definitely go there quickly to enjoy my breakfast.

Check out the photos to see how expansive the buffet looks. My stomach tells me it’s worth the price.

8. Service

I found the service a mixed bag . If I called anything to my room, it would end up taking forever. However, at the lobby and reception, everyone was extra friendly and tried their best to be helpful.

9. Bottomline

I would rate this property a few million light years ahead of Crowne Plaza right across the road. Compared to the other Sheraton, this property in terms of interior design is relatively grand. I do wish the suite was better designed though and couch had more space.

The fitness center is a no go and I would rather skip it. There are parts of the property that I feel are inspiring and could give it’s storied rival chains a run for their money. Ms. Elizabeth tried to be as helpful as she could. However, the average stay here can easily pinch on the pocket. I just found it baffling that it is more expensive than top-end properties of Mumbai which makes me think twice about coming here. This is definitely not better property than ITC Maratha or ITC Grand Central yet ended up costing more than that. 

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