1. Introduction

    St Regis is an ultra-luxury brand by Starwood. I have already written about this hotel in the past. You can read about it here. I won’t be mentioning about
    -Fitness Center
    -Food and beverages
    -Internet Speed

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    You can read about the above heads in the previous review here.

  2. Why are you in this hotel in this city?

    From the last time, I made my mind to return. I saw the opportunity when I just became SPG Platinum. I wanted St Regis Mumbai to be my first property. I wanted to see what changes with the new high status have I unlocked.

    I was expecting to check out the Suite Room and see what SPG Platinum is all about.

  3. Check in

    I entered the hotel into the same lobby that I can’t get over. There is so much opulence. I still can’t stop but marvel. I knew I had made the right The hotel featured a sit-down check-in. I was informed that there were no suite rooms available that day so I would be getting some other room. I was highly disappointed. I told them the reason for my stay. My newly acquired Platinum status entitled me to be upgraded to one of the richest brands out there. I was hoping to cherish the experience fully. I was later informed that they had a Smoking Suite available. I accepted at the condition of the expulsion of the smoke’s smell. It was time to experience the real St Regis Suite. I know they have better suites such as Astor Suites.


  4. Room

    My room was on 27 the floor with room number 2723.

    Something I liked about this hotel was the abundance of elevators. There was a fantastic view just outside my room. I had access to the panoramic Mumbai skyline view. St Regis gives the Butler Service to all its members. The butler came and explained me everything about the room and gave me his contact card.

    As I entered, there was a table of whose use I have no clue about.

    To the right, there is minibar and coffee/tea maker.

    The living room was sprawlingly large. On the left was a working table. I believe the table should be towards the end of the room where someone can look out of the window. Nobody wants to sit in a corner of the room with nothing around them. It takes away the charm of staying in luxury places.  However, the table was quite large.  The chair was just as lovely and ergonomic.

    The living room had a nice couch setup with a large TV. The couch was extremely comfortable.

    There were some flowers and fresh fruits in the room. After some while, the butler came with a cake and chocolates. The cake had a lovely personal note.  Chocolates provided were just brilliant. They couldn’t have provided better chocolates.

    The living room was connected to the bedroom by a door.

    As you enter the bedroom, you see a lovely lounge chair which you can just lie in. There is side table next to it.

    The bedroom had the signature St. Regis bed with four pillows. I am surprised that there were no decorative pillows. Not that I care about it.  I just love everything about St. Regis bed. I usually can’t say nice enough things about them.

    You have all the switches in the room. There is a master switch to kill the lights. There is no night perfume or night kit like ITC hotels.

    Opposite to the bed is a large TV with Dish box setup. So you can watch as many channels as you want. No restrictions as standard SPG hotels in India. Lovely!

    The view from the room was of the best Skyline of Mumbai. You can observe Haji Ali, Race Course Road, Worli Sea face, Four Season Mumbai hotel, Nehru Planetarium. Basically, just about every worthwhile sight except the sea-line.


  1. Washroom

    The washroom at St. Regis is unlike anything I have seen before. It was just very unique. I just couldn’t help but marvel the design. There were 2 entries to the washroom. Both the entry had a sink. Technically it is a double sink but they aren’t next to each other.

    However, there was no angle from which I could capture entire washroom. I just felt sorry for myself as it would have been one of the best pictures I could have managed to have clicked.

    The sinks have huge platforms and they look retro classic. The fittings look very luxurious on either side.

    Between the 2 sinks, you have one enormous soaking tub. There is a rack on the soaking tub to store all your items. Next to the tub is a table where you can place toiletries. There is a TV in front of the soaking tub which doesn’t have a cable connection. You need to bring your own USB to play your content.

    On either side of the table is a cabin. You have shower cabin on the left and toilet cabin on the right. As you already know how I love this separation.

    The Shower Cabin was very large and featured a sitting area. I loved the concept as people with leg ache would love to sit there and take a shower. They have both types of showers – Hand Held and Rain. The pressure and temperature were fabulous.

    The washroom was connected to a huge closet.

  2. Toiletries

    As standard with any St. Regis hotel, Toiletries were of Remede. I really admire the quality. I do wish they kept a better quality toothbrush and shaving kit. When you stay in a top luxury hotel, you expect a better shaving kit than what a 3 Star Hotel would provide. You do feel that hotel is cutting edges.

  3. Service


    I received service beyond my wildest imagination. There was a special fellow name Umesh who went beyond usual measure of hospitality to provide a really fine service. He made sure everything was taken care of. He set up my bath tub, made sure all my clothes looked fine. All I can say is I just wasn’t expecting such superlative hospitality and care that I was provided.

    I am definitely coming back here and going to ring him up.  Even attention provided to me by the Duty manager Aditya Sahai was exceptional.


  4. Bottom line

    Regis is definitely the finest business hotel I have stayed in till date in India. There is nothing even close to it in terms of sheer opulence and precision. Sometimes, they may get a little slow because of the size of the hotel. But the cleanliness, design and maintenance of this property are top-notch. The views are spectacular. I just wish they added some options for insomniacs like they have in ITC business properties. I am definitely coming back here.

    That is whenever I see rates worth for striking or if I somehow manage to acquire my media pass.

    What do you guys think about St Regis hotel? Is it the most luxurious business hotel of India or you would vote another hotel for that crown?



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