Imagine staying in most luxurious hotels in the world today for Rs 3000 per night

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What if you could go to strange land and interact with complete strangers and still feel at home? Imagine if you are completely wiped out from nags of your spouse, you are overworked and need a break, and you could get it right then. What if you could let loose in the party in Ibiza and get back to work on Monday.

I met a lot of people who told me merits of traveling with least amount of money. But that didn’t attract me. I wanted to travel in flight –(business preferably) – live in 5-star hotels and eat at best restaurants at next to no money.I will show you how to live the 5-star life at unbelievably low price.

My story

It all began when my elder brother decided to study abroad in a promised land of extravagance called AMERICA where magical occurrences are frequent. A year later, I embark on my first and only international trip of my life. I went to meet my brother in the USA and I was awe-struck. I fell in love with the country. This lead to my ‘eureka moment’ as if a can of opportunity worms opened in my brain. Honestly, I felt like I was a kid in candy –store.Ghirardelli,  SFO to Hershey’s in Pennsylvania. We had a month long trip where we covered all the so-called tourist attractions of the US of A.  Disneyland, Universal Studios, Las Vegas Casinos, New York, Niagra Falls and 20 days in California. After that again I went in this dry spell of going nowhere.

On the other hand, My cousins had a tradition of going every year for a family trip to international destinations, and they would come back and show their pictures. BOY! I was envious.  I grew up in a joint family with five brothers. I had friends who kept traveling to Europe every summer, and it would hurt deeply. You always have those who rub it in.  Why do I not get to travel?

Come 2006; I suffered an eye injury, which made my life to the point of being hard to almost unbearable. Which made every person in my family extra sensitive about my well being and according to them the World is no longer a safe place for someone like me and should not wander off alone anywhere especially out of the country, where your knowledge of things are limited. 

After years of convincing and with my father knowing that in the case of an emergency our relatives could come to my aid,   He sponsored my tickets to the USA again in 2012. I was again on top of the world. All the magic every friend spoke about, I was able to do it without any aid.

1.   YES, I can do it. I don’t need anyone, and I can travel on my own. Of course, I made many mistakes, but I learned a lot from them. But the most important thing is that I managed to travel on my own. What started as a journey to explore the world became a parallel story like the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, a parallel story that allowed me to expand my horizons with a view of various cultures slowly dripping into my psyche with the one that was the path of self-discovery. This exploration boosted confidence in me. I understood where I lacked and where I soared. I knew when to step away from the adventure and when to thrust myself into one. Traveling is something now I can do solely for myself. I do not need to call other people to make a journey with me. I can go out there and make friends on my own. I can put my personality on the line and make stories happen. It also led from waiting for other approval to me leading the troops. 

Later in a visit to my doctor, I found out that my world is slowly moving away from me. I am slowly going blind. I was told that I suffered from a rare genetic eye condition that would rob me of my vision. I could not walk around in the dark and I can’t determine 3D objects at times, which means I wasn’t even able to see 3D movies. I also can’t seem to see steps or uneven terrain. I need assistance from others. My eyes react to sunlight too. If I strain my eyes, I get headaches. I went from a guy who used to read a book a day to barely reading one because of the strain it puts on my eyes. I then and there decided that I want to see, feel, build memories and embrace all that world has to give. 

There was a crucial decision I had to make. Shall I mop in my sorry tale or shall I make best of what I got? Do I want to explore or do I want to settle down and just earn money for my old age? What would I do with the money that I won’t be able to see? I am not getting the second opportunity late in life.  I threw out the idea of earning money to build huge homes and drive a luxurious car. I would rather spend all hard earned money on my travel. I will travel comfortably. I need to wake up early and make most of my day. 

I embraced my impairment, and I had to keep following things in mind:-

1. I can’t do alcohol. Already got bad eyesight, with alcohol it is going to get worse.

2.   Dark clubs/bars are no go. I can’t seem to get the hang of anything. Can’t see people and keep bumping into everyone. It further implies that I can’t wait for nightfall to make new friends in the city. I have to work it during the day unless I have made amazing friends during the day who can keep me in line during night hours.

3.   If I have to make friends during the day, I better be out of my comfort zone. Approach people and build connection and let things happen. I also have to factor in language barriers as I have traveled to Korea, Japan, Russia, Ukraine and few other places where there is literally negligible English.

4.   Being introvert on the road is a suicidal activity as I would either be left alone or I won’t be able to navigate anywhere. So for a guy who loves reading a book on the train, I should rather spend that building connection, and I can do all the reading back at the hotel at night.

5.   I couldn’t rent a vehicle because I know I would crash it if it gets dark or starts raining randomly.

6.   I better be disciplined in every way if I want to travel long term.


Suddenly, I started experiencing so-called FREEDOM.

Now You’d often hear of many people roaming around the world for years on their backpack and so on. But I want more. I not only want to see the world but I want to do it in style. Instead of researching destinations, I started researching lifestyle changes I am required to do to live in style. I learned that with a just slight uptick in spending, I was able to cash in future travel. I figured out long term travel solution. I started deeper nuances of travel nuances.

I started having a ball of life. I enjoyed the free show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas but also started to experience a stay at High Rollers suite in top end hotels. I got a chance to fly Cathay Pacific first class.

I travel business class often at price of economy. I got an opportunity to drive to top cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini. I can get a transfer in luxurious Bentley to the airport and back.  I get to dine in Michelin rated restaurants. Of course, I am not made up of money.  So I had to research and come up with ways to do exactly that. Since then I  have not looked back. I met thousands of people and got so much love from everywhere. I feel like a different man.  The key part of traveling is connecting with people around you. 

I also learned that when I stayed at hostels, people I networked with came from a similar background with limited means. When I started staying at high-end hotels. People I began networking with had more means to open inexplicably unreachable doors. Thanks to lovely people I have met over my travels –

I got free stays in many countries

Guys gave me their vacation vouchers or upgrade stuff which they weren’t planning to use, but I could maximize on them. 
How Do I budget My Trips

I met some gorgeous women who were very cute to me. The same who I thought wouldn’t give me a blink to save my day.

So far I have visited over 30 countries in the last two years.

I believe in two Mantras

1.How can I pay almost nil? 

2. if I do have to pay, I get way more than I paid. I am the guy who’s money should always get the top value for every dime burnt. 

If someone like me from very limited means could do this. Why can’t anyone else who are blessed with way more than I am? 

Come and join my journey at




  1. Highly Inspiring. The lengths you would go for your dream in the face of such incapacitating Health issues!Proud of you.


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