1. Introduction

    As I have previously reviewed ITC Maratha, this review will focus on the room and the evening lounge which weren’t included last time in the review.

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    ITC Maratha is one of the best Eco-Friendly properties which believes in reducing carbon footprint. They produce their own Electricity and Recycle Water here! They have a Water Treatment Plant behind the hotel. They are LEED Platinum in terms of the gradation of their eco-friendly hotel. Hence the tagline, Responsible Luxury. The chefs are trained to provide food made of Local Grains instead of focusing on Western Science.

  2. Check-In

    As I checked in, I honored my request for an upgrade to the One Suite. I was provided room number 1541. I still find the ITC numbering odd. It seems like the room is on the 15th floor, but it is not. It is just that they have triple digits room on every floor which is labeled 12, 13, 14 and onwards.

    Outside the lobby, there is a fabulous view of the lobby courtyard from every floor.


  1. Room

    Jasleen assisted me to the room and introduced me to the features of the room. As I checked in the late evening, I was feeling sorry for possibly disturbing her. However, she only left after she was sure that I was comfortable and I am thankful for that.

    As I looked around, the room is literally identical to the one in ITC Grand Central.

Upon entering it, an empty area can be seen with a closet, and then a half washroom.

In the real area, there is a study table on the left. It wasn’t very comfortable. The chair had no wheels and I would be falling everywhere after working for a few hours. I know it is recommended that you take a small break every hour but I know that if I get up, I lose the flow and then it takes a while to get back in it.

On the right side of the room is a mini bar on a wooden table. There were some fruits and water bottles kept on it.

The love couch was on the shorter side, but it was more comfortable than ITC Rajputana. Two people could sit properly without getting into each others space. Instead of 2, there was only one other single unit couch. Next to the couch was a welcoming massage chair.

Interesting Welcome Amenities were placed upon a glass table in front of the couch.
There was small round table in the corner and an LCD TV across the couch.

A wooden door separated the room from the living room. I appreciate having 2 rooms when I am in a suite.

Bed Room

The room has a very inviting bed with an amazing mattress. Thank God they have a King size bed here unlike the last time. The mattress is a dream cot that I had the hardest time getting out of in the morning. Arghhh!! Can we just snuggle? Sucks to have meetings in the morning. There was an ottoman next to the bed and some nice portraits on the wall behind the bed.

Opposite the bed, on the left corner, was a single couch and next to it was a TV that I found absolutely annoying. As soon as I would enter, it would start playing ITC ad on loop until I managed to find the remote and switch it off. The TV was of a decent size with volume control, of course.

There was sufficient space in the room to march around and great lightings. I prefer that. On the right side of the bed was the door to the closet and the washroom.

I could see the airport and Hyatt Regency to its opposite from my room.

  1. Washroom

    On the right side of the wash area is a small closet to keep your bags. A safe and a bathrobe is also present there.The washroom is comfortable.

    There were double sided ITC round marble sinks.

    On the right side of the washroom is a nice old school soaking tub enclosed in the marble.

    While on the left side, there is a shower cabin. The shower cabin has a standard ITC style small head shower instead of a rain shower. The temperature and pressure made it so fabulous, it felt like a treat to shower here.

  1. Food and Beverage


    Last time we didn’t get a chance to try out the lounge. It is located on the first floor and has an interesting view of the dome and the courtyard. You’ll feel like you are in the middle of a crowded bazaar of Mumbai and still, it will be spacious and comfortable.You can enjoy the photos of the sides they serve here.

    I wish they had some nice warm snacks. I am teetotaler most of the days and hence didn’t even look to the bar. However, the choices were standard Whisky, Scotch, Vodka and others. I couldn’t interact with the bartender.

  2. Service

    Being a road warrior, we rely on small touches of the hotels to make our stay comfortable. Being a solo traveler most of the time, I spend a lot of time in the hotel lobbies interacting with hotel guests and staff. I call a lot of people over to hold meetings locally.I would like to thank Ms. Pratiksha for explaining to me the symbolism and design of the hotel. She took out some time and gave me a brief introduction to the hotel. I feel like I know the hotel well now. Same with Ms. Delzine who made sure I got what I wanted when I got there. 

    It is a grand smile of Ms. Jasleen and her top-notch hospitality that I looked forward to coming back for. I spent so much time this year in this hotel that I would like to wish them their birthday and appreciate them for the all the things they do for the society. I will also thank Mr. Vishesh Sharma for making sure that ends meet and encouraging the staff to mingle with the guests.

    Thank you to Ms. Priyanka Jacob who was kind enough to afford some time from her busy schedule. I look forward to getting in touch with her again.

  3. My Observations

    This hotel has so much to offer. I am not sure why they don’t take Fabelle chocolate services as part of the hotel. I understand it is a stand-alone company which is not a part of the hospitality chain. However, it is an entity of the ITC brand and should operate like one. It would be more encouraging if I could Chocolates billed in the final amount and pay it all together.I iterated this point last time too and would do it again. It doesn’t make sense why the hotel doesn’t provide complimentary transfer to a guest who is paying top-end money to stay. The International Airport is bang opposite to this hotel and doesn’t really increase the cost that much. It should be done out of goodwill at least for a frequent guest.

There was also a lot of noise from noon to 4 PM. I am not sure why that was. However, the customer should be informed in advance that there is construction going on. I found the noise very distracting. If I had known about it earlier, I would have taken my work elsewhere.

  1. Bottomline

    ITC Maratha is still a dream property for many, and it is a flagship hotel located in the perfect area for a layover. It was fun to see the crews walking around the hotel, especially, the Japanese from the ANA airlines. I forgot a small deck of cards at the hotel, and the housekeeping team proactively sent me an email to let me know about it. Normally I have to call the hotel or email them about the same. I love ITC Maratha food and everything they have to offer. I would keep coming back.

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