Entry to the hotel.

ITC Sheraton is located right next to the famous Select City Mall. The proximity to mall makes this hotel ideal for people who are here to shop and dine. The entry to the hotel is highly nondescript as it is just car entering. It looks just like any ordinary building from the outside.

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Why are you in this hotel in this city?

I was conducting a seminar in the city and what better location could there be when there was Pan-Asian street food festival going on at the mall. There were numerous high-end hotels competing to delight customers. Thanks to Le Meridien( Gurgaon) Okonomiyaki was also available. It was nothing like what I had in Osaka but still quite delightful. I hadn’t been to this hotel for over 4 years. I remember the rooms being very small. Luckily I had booked for the weekend where I was registered to have 3x points.

Check in

I checked in early as I had a seminar that day.The  Hotel didn’t have any rooms ready when I entered the hotel. I asked for an alternate room. I was given the same dinky old l room where I had stayed in 2012. I checked into room number 324. As soon as I saw the room, I had to call them and asked to be upgraded to the club room.They upgraded me to room 634 afterward. Thankfully a  British Airways flight attendant who had an early flight that day vacated and  I got the room. I personally thanked the Lady.It is always a delight to talk to talk to people from the aviation industry, especially ones with two decades of experience and the stories that go with it.
There’s a  sitting area next to the lobby where people usually hold meetings. As you can see the hotel tends to feel like one of those old Victorian-era   houses with a huge staircase in middle.

ITC Sherraton Lobby

Journey to the room

Right near the stairs, we have elevators present. My room was right next to the elevator. The gallery is nondescript as usual.


As I entered the room there was a small hallway where you enter with a closet, coffee/tea maker and mini bar on the left and a washroom on the right. Despite it’s smaller size the room felt quite luxurious. It had that classic old world feeling.The Hotel’s apparently a lot younger than it’s interiors suggests.Perhaps this is ITC’s signature style.

There is a writing table visible from the hallway. The table was solid wood minus it’s ever present companion the reclining chair with wheels. So, If mobility while working is a priority for you, tough luck!
There was a King size bed in the room. Freshly cut fruits were my welcome gift. The Technology was wonderfully absent from the room with just a set of switches in one corner, eliminating the need for looking for them everywhere.Thank God, for small mercies.

The Hotel had a Plasma tv and not the standard LED TV. Not that I missed it. They had a DTH box which made entertainment easily accessible. They had all the channels turned on. I hate the fact that ITC put limits on channels available l. Also if you are one of those people who love to have News/Music while using the washroom, ITC properties would definitely disappoint you.

From my room, there is a swimming pool that is visible and lots of trees. Some houses in the distance. ITC has it’s food products in the market. So whatever you eat here is at MRP and not some obnoxious mini bar prices. Yes, there were items that were atrociously priced but most weren’t.


It was indeed weird to see the old school double door and it’s needlessly complicated inside lock I prefer single door washrooms, especially when they’re this small.


The basin provided felt average. It definitely wasn’t what I expected from an ITC hotel, though thankfully there was lots of space for stuff.

The bath tub provided was cute but the big problem was that your shower was in the bathtub There are 2 problems with that.
1. Your entire washroom gets soaked as shower doesn’t really protect the water from flowing away.

2. The another problem is that it feels ludicrous to be standing in middle of the basin. This isn’t like The Park New Delhi Tub where it feels like you are standing on the surface. Older people might experience problems climbing into and getting out of it.

The Showerhead provided is straight on top of you. There is no rain forest shower or hand shower. The water pressure was fine, though. Even water temperature was tolerable.



Like all ITC properties – they featured Fiama toiletries which smell great but they merged shampoo and body wash in one tube. I am not sure how a  beauty specialist might feel about that.I really loved it, though.


Internet Speed

Being a  Gold member I had access to high-speed internet. The speed was decent for an Indian hotel.

Food and Beverages

ITC Sheraton provides fruit platter in the room which is fine but  It doesn’t feel fancy. They don’t provide any other special amenities. If they do, I am not aware of it as I wasn’t offered any.

Pavilion at ITC Sheraton has been nominated for various awards for its all day cuisine. The chef present is definitely excellent. They don’t feature luxury menu like in lot of ITC properties. I guess that is one distinction you have between properties listed in Luxury collection and Sheraton.

The evening lounge is present on the first floor. You can order some cocktails and some fried snacks. I wish they had some healthy options in the evening like they have at Le Meridien Gurgaon. I couldn’t find any salad choices and ended up asking them to serve me some cut apples.

For breakfast, the restaurant view is beautiful with a swimming pool downstairs. I definitely loved to sit on the pool facing table.

The buffet was definitely expansive. The good part was to see they had fresh juice counter where you could order freshly squeezed juice. Unlike most 5 star hotels where you just get canned juice or 3/5 types of juices. Here you are allowed to mix and match to your taste. They didn’t have any exotic fruits like Kiwi as part of the buffet though.

The chef was kind enough to let me order whatever I wished to order. The coconut crepes/uttapam was simply perfect. I couldn’t have ordered anything better for the chef to prepare. It’s  diet friendly and hits the spot for someone who is trying Keto. I wish they had more morning bakery for vegetarians, though.

 I will let the pictures do the talking.

Fitness Center

The fitness center at Sheraton is a paradise for sore eyes. The place felt spacious and good for a workout.
They didn’t have a pull-up bar but they had everything else. The treadmills were modern with TV’s attached. Only if they could feature more music channels. 80% of the channels are news channels which doesn’t really make sense to me. I don’t know who gets motivated to run the extra mile by watchingthe news. The treadmills even had a blower to cool you. You have to bring your own headphones though. Same thing with cycles. So far in year 2016 – the best treadmill award l goes to THE PARK New Delhi. But this is definitely a close second. It’s the same in Taj Lake Palace Udaipur, Hyatt Regency New Delhi, ITC Windsor Bangalore, Westin Gurgaon etc.

The view from the windows of the Gym is the pool which feels excellent for a workout.

They have dedicated an entire Lower Lobby floor for a fitness center and swimming pool. I would definitely love to swim at the pool here. It just feels weird to me when the pool is totally empty though.


The overall level of service at this hotel was great. The staff tried to be helpful wherever they could be.  The only problem I faced was getting points credited to my account for Food and Beverages and I had to repeatedly call the restaurant till someone finally managed to credit the points to my account. I would recommend people writing the room number and then going to the front desk to settle the bill instead of waiting for it. Otherwise you risk getting shafted with the points not being accredited to your account.


Due to its great location, I will definitely keep coming back. Since my first stay, I have already stayed at this property thrice. It’s an excellent value for the money proposition. My only problem with them is that the rooms feel remarkably constricted.  It ‘s weird that this is considered a Sheraton property instead of a Luxury collections property. Most  ITC properties are part of The Luxury Collections. I would still recommend people to try out this property.

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