1. Introduction

    I have stayed at Sheraton Saket multiple times before. You can read my last report here and here. The last time I reviewed the traditional suite room with Sheraton. However, this time, the hotel has recently gone under renovation for the entire 7th So if you want to check out the refurbished room, ask for 7th floor. Previously at ITC, they asked me to review their latest offering. I definitely would like to see what they got under the wraps now.

  2. Check-In

    Mr Angad smartly assigns me the new room at the reception. He and another escorted me to my room afterwards.I was provided room number 705.

  3. Room

    As I entered, I mistook the room for a Crowne Plaza instead of an ITC. The designs seemed very similar.

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    On the left, there is a paper table and to the right, you have a walk-in closet.

    Little further is the living room. The furniture was very modern. There was a love seat couch with few chairs on the side. Instead of the usual wooden table, there was a marble center table and specific floor patches were carpeted with bright colors.

    Welcome amenity was provided to me.

    On the far end of the room, there is a study table right next to the window with a comfortable chair. Something I really admire.

    The TV sat near the mini bar instead off across the couch. They didn’t have any music dock in this room like the last time. This is a really awkward angle to watch TV from couch.

    On the right end of the room was mini bar table.

    The bedroom and living room were separated by a sliding door like in Westin Gurgaon.

    So you have a TV on both the sides of the wall.

    I wasn’t surprised that the bedroom had a king sized bed. This ITC hotel has a King size bed unlike that of ITC Maratha or ITC Grand Central. Even the smaller rooms in this hotel don’t have King sized bed.

    A lounge chair with a round table was by the window in the bedroom. The switches were modern and they even had a master switch to kill the room lights. 

    However, there were separate switches for the living and the bedroom.

    The closet has a stepper and a large storage area.

    I was surprised that new rooms didn’t feature a massage chair as the other room

  4. Washroom

    As I said, this felt more like a Crowne Plaza room than an ITC room.
    The washroom had light sensors that automatically turn on the lights for you. However, it was poorly executed. Sometimes, when I would be in the shower or toilet, the lights would randomly go out. So, good intention but not properly executed.

    The washroom didn’t feature a standard single black round sink. In fact, there was a white round sink. Fittings were still old school ITC. Something I appreciated.There was a lot of storage space around the sink to keep your stuff.

    Right next to the sink was a modern bath tub. It wasn’t a soaking tub. I personally prefer soaking tub for the view than the bath tub. This bath tub resembled ITC Maurya’s.

     One place where ITC really took my feedback was for having separate enclosed areas for the toilet and shower cabin.

    The toilet had a new commode and a bidet spray next to it.

    The Shower cabin was where ITC confused me. I was about to be surprised that they have a rain shower here. However, to my disappointment, it is still the old ITC shower and not a rain one. I don’t know what that is about!

  5. Service

    Same as last time, Mr Angad and Ms Leena Pandey made the visit very comfortable. They made sure that I was well-taken care for. I had the opportunity to meet GM Mr Negi too.


  1. Bottomline

    As you already know that I love ITC Sheraton and would love to keep coming back here due to location and fine service they provide to me. The vicinity to Select City mall makes it an ideal location for my stay.The major issue regarding ITC Sheraton is that when you get upgraded to a Suite as a Platinum member, they charge you Rs 3000 extra charge. When I confronted the hotel, they said it was a levied government tax by the Delhi government. However, I have stayed in various hotels in Delhi with a suite room and never paid that tax. I am going to get to the bottom of this. Escalating the issueI to SPG would be a nice idea!

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