After celebrating 2 days of Diwali with Sara at home, we took Jet Airways flight to Delhi. I was sitting next to my Godson Eli. We were playing around, and he loved sitting on the window seat. He was having the best time of his life there.

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Once we reached Delhi, I ordered a taxi to Agra. After 5-6 hour drive, we reached Agra. The kids were tired. However, once they saw the property ITC Mughal, their energy was invigorated. They wanted to jump around.

ITC Mughal provided us a standard Indian welcome with welcome drink and tikka. There is a big bridge walk, and there is a small pond that you have to cross to reach the hotel reception. Once at the reception, I did my check-in while everyone was just excited to see a huge lobby and a lot of running space. There were a lot of decorative that they wanted to pose with.


Check in was a bit slow, but they offered me a family room setting. Basically, one room was an ITC One room (ITC Suite while another room was adjacent and there was interconnect in the middle.

There were huge chandeliers and a lot of Mughal style architecture. As expected with the name – Mughal – everything had Persian touch and lot of symmetry in the property. The property was spread out huge. There was a garden outside that we got to know the next day.


The room was technically in another wing from the reception and was a short walk from the check-in desk. The property felt truly vast. I got a lost a couple of times.

Living Room

As you enter the room, it feels huge. I love the size of this suite. There is a reason I love ITC hotels so much. There is a traditional vibe to the property.

There is a roundtable on the right and mini bar on the left. 

After that, there was the door connecting to another room which we were occupying. Technically it became 2 bedrooms and living room setup.

After the room door is a sofa set up for 3 and 1 large chair on the side. The sofa area was on the carpet.  The sofa was super comfy, and we were playing there during our stay.

Across the sofa is a study table which felt kind of small. It would have been a problem if I was working there. It wasn’t enough space for me to spread my dossier and work there. The chair wasn’t comfortable either to sit on for long hours.

Right next to the sofa was low rise sitting area like in Indian Diwan. We used the area as a bed for kids to sleep at night. It was cute.

Between TV and study table unit was a passage to the master bedroom.  There was a sliding partition that separated the bedroom and living room.


The bedroom had a standard ITC King size bed. As you might already know that I love ITC properties and their beds are designed with deep slumber in mind. There is ottoman next to the bed. I like ITC ottomans but I never ever use them.

On the left side of the bed was massage chair which we all took for a ride. It is such a cool feature to have a massage chair in the room. You can just relax in the room after a tiring day.

There was a centralized remote switch for room lighting. Something I love. I don’t have to stumble around entire room to find my lights. Though the remote wasn’t very responsive, it was better than stumbling around.

There was a nice large TV across the bed. However, the position never makes sense with ITC when you have two walls back to back having a tv on it. If you turn on both – there is a voice overlap instead of being able to watch 2 separate programs in the room. They need to think better for that.

The view outside the room was of a swimming pool. The pool design is very Instagram friendly. The kids spent the entire evening in the pool and they loved it.


The size of washroom really surprised me as it felt a little small.

There is only one traditional ITC style marble sink instead of dual sinks.

Right next to the sink is a bathtub. It looks nice, but it doesn’t feel dreamy. I prefer ITC Maurya bathtub to this. However, it is great to have that feature.

I loved how the toilet had its own cabin. There was bidet with toilet paper. Something I appreciate in washrooms.

There is a separate shower cabin with tiles look. The shower temperature was decent. I loved that they had actual rain shower vs. the standard shower in all ITC hotels.


Fitness Center

When you want to workout in ITC Mughal – the gym room is very well equipped and very spacious.

All the equipment is modern including treadmills and ellipticals.

The view from treadmills is something I really care about. It makes running on it more fun.

There is a lot of space for people who want to do stretching or yoga there.


Like every time I can say about every ITC hotel – the food is something you really want to try. They don’t disappoint.


I found service of the hotel top notch. Everything we asked for was served by the staff in time. I don’t have any name of any staff, but they really helped us set the iterinary. They even arranged the guide for us who could show us Taj Mahal and guide us around it.


I am sorry that I don’t have a picture of the club lounge as it was just a bar and there wasn’t a buffet as such there. The hotel is very expanse, and you have to love the hotel layout. It actually does feel like a palace. I would definitely recommend everyone to come here and try this hotel. It is one of the gems in ITC umbrella. I think the only hotel that is better than this in entire Agra is AmarVillas from which you can have the view of Taj Mahal throughout the day. However, the price gap between the two is enormous.

Sara thought – “The gardens and fountains made it feel like a beautiful fairytale place and the inside was just as lovely. Our room was spacious and comfortable. Nothing was lacking and we enjoyed our stay very much.”


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