A few weeks ago there was a major announcement regarding electronic ban for flights to USA and UK.

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The ban didn’t make any sense to me at the time as you could bypass the security in so many different ways. Well there is a new update regarding the ban.

All the flights flying from Europe would be affected too. 

However, it is being discussed frequently and the news catching more strength, that the ban would be soon extended to flights originating from Europe, including the UK as well. According to CBS News:

The U.S. is considering expanding a ban on most carry-on electronic devices larger than a cellphone on U.S.-bound flights from 10 airports in the Middle East and North Africa to “likely” include flights departing for the U.S. from Europe and possibly the United Kingdom, sources tell CBS News.

Of course, all of this ban is stupid in not figuring out the key laws of science that govern flying. We are flying plane holds full of batteries, which are suspect to fire, and personal electronics checked into the plane hold still has no insurance coverage. 

Only way to avoid the ban is flying out of Japan, Singapore, and India.  I believe Air India is already having a great time regarding this. I think Jet Airways might announce direct flights to the United States if this works out.

I have waited for a while for the dust to settle down and see what are the latest updates. What did most affected Airlines do about the ban?

Emirates,Qatar,Turkish and Etihad

For people flying economy. We are sorry but you just check-in your baggage during the check-in process and get it when your luggage gets out.

For Business and First class – your electronics would be collected at the gate and kept securely in front of the aircraft. You would be loaned a separate device that you can do your work on. At least airlines are doing something to keep customers. But I feel sorry for them. It has provided an advantage to other Airlines which were sailing in a loss due to middle east carriers. 

Carry your own pen drive and storage if you really need to work on a system. 
Of course, your security might be compromised. 

Jet Airways

Thanks to Jet Airways tie-up with Delta, Air-France and KLM, they were flying via hub in Paris, Amsterdam and London. Hence their customer are least affected until now. However, with ban coming to European hubs too, Jet Airways might have to change the strategy.

Air India

Air India took complete advantage of the situation and started steadfastly adding flights to the USA. They recently announced new flights to Washington DC, Dallas, Seattle and few other destinations. It is the first time where Air India might announce profit despite being a complete nonchalant carrier. 


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