What is Google Flights?

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Google Flights. Google Flights is an online flight booking service which facilitates the purchase of airline tickets through third party suppliers.

Why should I be Interested?

Because this online tool can beat out most human travel agents and its free!

7 Killer Google Flight tricks that will start saving you money today!

  1. Get alerts just before prices are about to skyrocket.

On google phones, you may see pop-up notifications that tell you when prices are likely to increase for specific flights.

2. Not sure where to visit? You can check for general flights prices in a general region.

Just Google “flights to Europe” and click the Flights tab below the search box. A map of the entire continent will pop up, along with prices.

3. I’m feeling lucky now works for flights too!

What “I’m feeling lucky” does for search, it also does for flights. Click on a map within Google Flights, pick your departure spot, and click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button to let Google choose a destination based on your search history and what’s popular.

4. Let google recommend you the best bang for buck flight

The “best flights” box tells you which flights are the best combinations of price and speed, so you won’t have to decide whether a layover is a good idea or if a nonstop is worth the extra buck. Google also highlights its top pick in green.

5. See the lowest price for any given day on the calendar

You can see prices for your trip on every day of the month, with the cheapest days highlighted in green. A bar graph at the bottom lets you know how prices will likely drop or rise over time.

6. Automatically see swaps that save you money

If you search for a flight that has a similar yet less costly option, the “tip” bar lets you know how much money you’ll save if you’re willing to fly earlier, later or at a different airport. Then you can weigh the cost and decide for yourself!

7. Once you find a potential flight let google monitor the price for you!

If you find a flight you like, then hit the “save this itinerary” button and let the Google Now app track its pricing. You can hit the app on your phone to see how prices are changing, and Google will email you if they dip dramatically.

A relentless online travel tool. Make sure to add this tool to your repertoire. Have you used this tool? What are your opinions about it? We are going to share more tips about Google flights.



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