Entry to the hotel.

We arrived late in the evening at the hotel as our flight was delayed by an hour. We had to spend more time at the airport as the traffic was moving at a snail’s pace. We take a round about from Kingdom of Dreams and see a few malls on the way. We enter the large hotel with a long roundabout for reaching the lobby. There are lights, magic, and love everywhere.
It’s Christmas baby!

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Why are you in this hotel in this city?

I was using this hotel as connecting hotel. I had a flight the next day to another city. I had tried the Westin Brand with Westin Sohna. It was quite far away, but I wanted to try a normal business hotel. I found the perfect deal where I got a hotel at remarkably low prices. Westin as a brand connects with me with their explicit endorsement of healthy and superfood concepts. They’ll offer you healthier options than all the other chains. If you require, they ‘ll equip you with fitness gear designed for a great workout.

They are big on running. The property feels as if the weather is right, you can head out. If you let them know in advance, they would provide you food with all your dietary requirements included. Mine as always is a long list of Vegan Gluten-Free food.

Check in

As I enter, I find myself immediately spellbound by the view from the window. I head to the reception. The staff confirms my reservation and informs me that I am getting an upgraded club room on a higher floor. A pool view awaited me from my room.

I look around, and there are Christmas decorations everywhere. I love the way this place looks. The lobby is expansive. There are so many seating options, available here and you can easily conduct business meeting right here in the lobby. You can trust Westin for a healthy snack

Journey to the room

The elevator for the rooms is at the end of the lobby behind a pillar right opposite the coffee shop. We get a room on 8th floor.

As we walk towards our room, we find that room numbers are eligible, and darkness ensured they eluded us. We needed to turn on our torches. It turns out our room was to the right at the end of the hallway.


As I enter the room, the first feeling is that it is designed in a weird shape, but it is definitely large room. I immediately fall in love.
I apologize for the mist on the lens. I didn’t recognize it’s infernal presence while snapping these pics.

We were two guys in the room. And both the beds felt like two queen size beds. This is way better than ITC Maratha where you feel like you going to roll out of the bed if you aren’t careful. I just love how comfortable the bed is here. You could bounce on them all night long.

They address one of the biggest concerns I have with hotels. They had a master switch that could kill all the room lights in one go. No need to search for the switchboard in middle of the night when you feel lazy and don’t truly desire a witchhunt. I appreciate this design.


They had a comfortable sofa and a nice table top for room service. Hote thoughtfully l placed an apple in the room. After a while, a waiter came in with some cookies and chocolates as a special welcome amenity. We were really tired and simply wanted to crash

There is lovely night lamp above the bed If you desire to read a book while your partner falls asleep. People who have to read a book with night lamp have to turn towards lamp to be able to read properly. Here you have it on top like a flight. However, I am not sure how effective it is as I didn’t try to read a book in the dark.



The washroom here is very comfortable in size. As you enter the washroom, there is a closet. You have a safe and luggage rack there. On the right, you have wash area, and on the left, you have a toilet.

I found the tap selection very interesting for the basin. The basin is large and comfortable. There is a lot of storage area to store your stuff. There is a glass door next to basin separating bath area with the basin area. I love this de facto segregation. Separation makes the washroom feel more luxurious. You are not worried about getting the floor wet when you are showering. There was a rain shower present. The temperature and pressure were excellent. The bath was a complete pleasure. The bath tub was sweet. They had a note saying you could request for bath tub to be made up for you. Loved the touch.

The toilet looked Japanese. They even had a bidet next to the toilet. I appreciate bidet and hotels win brownie points for putting them there. I don’t know why all the hotels don’t do it. It doesn’t cost that much to install one.


These toiletries are nature-friendly. They have zero chemicals. The good part is they feel premium. However, there is no fragrance. The soap is beautiful too. I forgot to take a picture of the soap. I will put it in my next review.

Internet Speed

I didn’t have the opportunity to try internet speed.

Food and Beverages

Westin has one of the great buffet spreads. It is huge, and I am sure there is something for everyone here.

The problem I encountered was there was nobody to help me out. I asked them to provide me gluten-free options and although chef is supposed to be a fitness chef as this hotel promotes wellness brand. The chef didn’t give me any options. I stuck with my old Gluten-Free coconut uttapam. I did request chef to make gluten free pancakes as I was craving something sweet in the winter morning. Chef did oblige. I just wish he would have been more creative.

When you are a wellness brand, you just have to be conscious of your customers. They made amazing Virgin Mary on request. I would try that again when I come next time.
However, you would definitely have a lot of choices here. They have all sorts of bread and multi-cuisine breakfast.

I also wish they had more bakery choices for vegetarians.

Enjoy the pictures.

Fitness Center

There is a separate building where the Spa and fitness center is located. You have to get out of the hotel building and head to this small hole in the building overlooking the entrance. You have a fountain look which surrounds the round building. So you feel like you are entering a cave

The gym.

The gym is divided into two parts. One part is for stretching, yoga and any workout that is mostly body weight based. Another side is where they have all the cardio and weight equipment. They have a standard stationary cycle where they have TV, and multi-circuit based training programmed into them. It is the same deal with the treadmill. The problem is that they have too many news channels and relatively fewer music channels to enjoy the workout.

There is nice swimming pool view from the treadmill. So working out on a treadmill is easy on the eyes.

I found their swimming pool lovely. The cold weather strictly prohibited swimming. However, I would definitely take a dive if I came in summer.

This isn’t the best gym I have seen. This isn’t a top notch gym you expect from Westin as they support wellness in their brand so much. However, it is definitely decent for short workout.


We were here for a very short time. Anything you request in the room took forever to reach the room. I had to make multiple calls to get anything at all. However, since this was a short visit, I didn’t have time to truly test the service.

Bottom line

I am definitely coming back to this hotel. The hotel is wonderfully designed. I just hope next time I come here there, the service would improve. I have been told to inform them in advance about dietary requirements so the chef has time to prepare something for me. I would make sure to mention it next time I book the hotel. Whenever I see the right price, I will be back.


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