1. Entry to the hotel.
    Westin Garden City Mumbai is a high rise hotel. You can spot it from afar but to reach there, it takes a journey of a lot of turns. The outside area of the lobby is designed wonderfully just like the inside of it.
  1. Why are you in this hotel in this city?

I typically see Westin as one of the highest priced hotels in Mumbai but on this particular day, it was (relatively speaking)super cheap. When you have an  SPG category four hotel available at Rs 5999 plus taxes, you must seize the opportunity with both hands. I have seen fare worth Rs. 17,000 plus taxes.   I also had to shoot videos which you’”ll be able to view soon. This stay would be my last stay before my impending upgrade to the Platinum status. I wanted to achieve my Platinum status before my year-end vacation with my family.

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  1. Points
    It was literally the final day of Weekend 3x points offer. I had to make the hay while the sun still shined. I thoroughly regretted not staying for one more night. If I had seen my offer carefully, I would have stayed for one more night & received 5000 points more.
    I’m still cursing the Goddess of misfortune for not being able to milk this offer for all it was
  2. Check in

    I couldn’t help but marvel about how fantastic the lobby looked with all the decorations. There was a tall Christmas tree with presents. The hotel definitely had the holiday season vibe. The receptionist asked for my ID and swiftly checked me in. He went ahead and told me that I was upgraded to a higher floor which basically meant I got myself a club room. However, I wasn’t allowed to use the club lounge as it is for Platinum members. I have been regularly using the club lounge at all hotels so this denial stung me a bit more than usual. I asked him to connect me to the manager. The manager had the same reply for me.So I swiftly accepted my check in and headed to my room. I decided that I would connect with SPG on Flyertalk to confirm if I had the rights to get a lounge or not. I also connected with SPG assist on Twitter to clear my doubts.This is the reply I received from SPG team. As always being proactive about asserting your rights paid off. It is imperative to know what you are entitled to or you won’t even get what you already deserved.

    Email from:- [email protected]
    Just received confirmation that room on an executive level gets complimentary access to the lounge, regardless if one gets that room by buying it or being upgraded to it, Regardless of their SPG membership, they should get all the amenities of the room including lounge access.
    Best regards,

    William R. Sanders
    Online Guest Feedback Coordinator
    Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

    Hope this helps.

    After a little back and forth with SPG, I got confirmation, and I forwarded this to the hotel staff. They apologized for this and confirmed to me that I could use the club lounge. I wanted to review Westin Club lounge as there was a lack of information and nobody had reviewed so far. I absolutely desired to remedy this travesty of public ignorance.  Luckily, I had no other work that evening.

    I hope this information proves useful to all the members who ever end up staying at any SPG properties. However, I feel the hotel might stop upgrading people to better rooms if they feel it is ending up imposing an additional cost upon them.

  3. Journey to the room

    I was provided with the room on 32nd .The good part is the room is on the higher floor means a better view. The sad part is that elevators at Westin Mumbai are painfully slow. Your phone network may or may not work on higher floors. It feels like typical Mumbai high rise problem where you have to wait forever to get on the elevator, and you simply can’t  climb 32 floors. I wish they had segregated access where higher floors would access elevator A, and lower floor would access elevator B.

    As I reached up, there was negligible decoration. I turned right, and at the end of the hallway was my room. My room was parallel to two roads making it an interesting view.

    My room number is 3201. The best part is that you can read the room number, unlike Westin Gurgaon where it is completely invisible in the dark.


  4. Room
    The room opened to a short hallway. You turn right, and you see a long room.

    There is study table with a comfortable chair that has wheels. You have a top view of Mumbai in front of you. On the right side is the mini bar. After that is the washroom that merges into the room. It didn’t feel that washroom was separate but rather felt like it was a part of the room. There was a door for toilet and shower.

    After that, you have the bedroom. So many hotels would have treated this as a  suite room. I am excited to check out a suite in my next visit.The bed was super snuggly Westin King Sized heavenly bed. They even had a master switchboard. So when you want to drop to sleep, you don’t have to go to hunting for the switchboard middle of the night. Arghh! Where is the kill switch for this and takes forever to find one when you just want to drop. When you see something like this, you know the hotel cares about your comfort. They just didn’t just decide to open the hotel and started shoving guest into them. They had multi-plugs pins. So you could bring electronics from everywhere without worrying about bringing a converter.

    There was large standalone LED in front of the bed. The good part about this hotel was that they had DTH and a very decent amount of amount of entertainment on TV.
    After working for a while, I heard a doorbell. Enters Ms Gouri. I had to clear the confusion with her. She brought me some cupcakes, but they had eggs. So she later sent some cookies for me. I guess I confused her with all the questions. She said she would get a callback done for me.After a while, I get a call from Guest Relation Manager, Ms Chandni. She approved my request for the use of the lounge. She invited me in the evening for the party downstairs. I am not sure what was the reason for the party. They had cocktails and finger food. I forgot to take snaps at the party. I did accept her invitation which I will chronicle later.The day view
    The Night View


  5. Washroom
    As I mentioned earlier, the washroom felt like an open area somehow merged into the room. Luckily there was a door slider that could help separate the washroom. They have a single sink. Sink area felt a bit smaller compared to Westin Gurgaon. However, pretty nicely furnished.

    Overall the washroom was fantastic.

  6. Toiletries

    As is the case with all Westin toiletries, they don’t have any chemicals. However, they don’t have any fragrance either. So, I am neutral about them. I prefer the ones with good fragrance. However, they are skin friendly which makes me admire the quality.

  7. Internet Speed
    The internet speed here was just fabulous. It reminded me of Russian internet speeds. I had really fast internet. I believe all hotels should pay attention to this.
  8. Food and Beverages

    Westin has lounge hours from 6 to 8 PM. You can access the lounge on the first floor. However, unofficially it can be extended up to 9 PM. Most of the guests cater to hectic Mumbai city life.

    The lounge hall was large, and there was a decent amount of food available. I wish they had some more healthy snacks. They did have some hot snacks. As you can see in the pictures that spread was decent with cold cuts, salads, cheese. There wasn’t much choice for vegetarian desserts.The cocktail selection is decent. It is not as good as St Regis but definitely acceptable.


    As Westin is a wellness brand, you can expect them to provide you healthy yet tasty meals. I put Chef Musheer on the task. He is an excellent chef, and we had lovely conversations during my stay there. He made me amazing gluten free vegan pancakes and provided me with so many options.  I couldn’t have been more impressed. I would definitely be back here. When you come to eat at high-end dining where your bill can outrun your stay cost, you want to be wowed. To be wowed, your chef should be able to suggest things for you. Musheer really got under the skin of what I desired and came out with dazzling dishes which makes me a desire for more. I ate till my stomach started rebelling against me.

    Some wonderful dishes and preparation that they cooked for me:-

    Name of dishes in order – Coconut Uttapam, Pad thai noodles, Ragi Chilla, Gluten Free Pancakes, Coconut Dosa, Designed pancake for me, and last one the famous Italian dish Socca.The spread was definitely as massive as you have in Westin Gurgaon. I appreciate the quality and taste of the food. I know that I am in the right place in right hands. Enjoy the pictures of full spread below:-

    The restaurant is an on the 18th floor, so you have a high view of Mumbai. I love the view from there.

  9. Fitness Center
    As the hotel is a high-rise, It is on the 19th The fitness centre is huge. They have many equipment presents. The view is incredible from here.

    The treadmill is the same as everywhere. You have entertainment programs and circuit based training. Same with other cardio equipment.

    There was nobody around the pool. The pool felt small and was alright. You won’t have as much as fun as swimming here. The view is average.

    However, Fitness center is one big room. They have on spot trainer all the time which you can appreciate.
  10. Service
    I thought most of the staff was very cooperative and meant well. Staffs of Westin are bonafide veterans when it comes to hospitality part of the job. I felt they needed more training when it came to SPG terms or the confusion I had to sort through wouldn’t have arisen in the first place.There was a party which I decided to attend. I went and met with many hotel staffs. There were two people with whom I had an excellent conversation.They were Chandni and Gauri. Chandni apologised for the earlier confusion, and we had a long conversation regarding the hotel life.  She works as guest experience manager. I believe it is a unique position created by

    Because my Ex was from Hotel background, I could relate to a lot of instances because I’d heard similar things from her too.  Ms Chandni had the past in St Regis, the Luxury brand I am observing closely, and I would be writing a lot about in upcoming months. I would love to hang out with them.

  11. Bottom line
    I loved the hotel way more than I enjoyed my stay with ITC Maratha which is nearby but still a bit far. This hotel is at the tail end of suburbs, and I recommend staying here only if you got work in the area. Otherwise, it is entirely pointless due to Mumbai’s traffic and working patterns. I don’t appreciate the location of the hotel. I would have loved it more if it was somewhere near the Airport area. Nonetheless, They are good at what they are doing. I loved the staff. I had a good word with the duty manager. I wish I had stayed one extra day and taken advantage of 5000 bonus points. I missed it by one day hurts. I was getting way more points than what a stay for a night would have cost me.


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