1. Introduction

The hotel is owned by Leela Ship breaking company with franchise provided by Sarovar Portico group. The hotel is located next to a couple of malls but feels far from the center of the city. Of course, Bhavnagar itself is a small town.

Let me add a little context to this blog, some time back I came to know that my grandmother was in the critical state. Unfortunately, she passed away a couple of days later. I had to travel to Bhavnagar. A place where I did not expect anything. As I landed at the Airport, I saw the Sign boards there. Initially, I thought this was part of the popular Leela group. However, later I got to know that this is not associated with the hotel of the popular hospitality chain.

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The hotel is very pricey for the city in which it is present. Why do I feel that it’s pricey? This hotel is a limited luxury hotel and not a full blown luxury and they were pricier than Le Meridien Gurgaon or Hyatt Regency Gurgaon. What in the world are you thinking? The manager claimed that it is in line with the hotels in the area. Well, this is Bhavnagar and real estate prices are literally nothing compared to Gurgaon/New Delhi. So I am not buying into the argument.

2. Check-In

Bhavnagar isn’t a city with good connectivity. The air traffic is rather negligible.Most of the travelers come here by car. Especially, people staying at this hotel.

As I entered the lobby, it was good. Particularly for a limited luxury hotel, it was a nice hotel.

There was a small sitting area next to the lobby. There is a café next to the sitting area and I found the café quite reasonable.

I booked a suite room as I wanted a larger room. When I entered the hotel, the staff wasn’t very accommodating with my requests. There was no place for drivers to eat or sleep or take a shower, something that raised the alert bar.

3. Room

I was provided room number 410 which is a suite room.

The elevator is behind the reception. Elevator requires you to have a keycard. The hotel refused to issue a secondary key card that later did create a lot of issues for us as we were three people sharing the room. So even if someone needed to go anywhere, other two were stuck. Luckily! As hotel hack, I carry spare cards just in case I want to leave the power on in the room while I leave the room.

As I entered the room, there is a small hallway leading to the room.

On the right side was the washroom.

On the left side was a working table. I feel the table was placed in the wrong position as you are sitting next to washroom. Nobody wants to work across the washroom. Not if you are expecting luxury. They put lounge chairs on study table instead of a proper office chair.

Then there was a line of comfortable couches. There was large glass table next to the couch.

As I entered the room, my first impression was Whoa! This is a small room. It is luxurious but if suite room is this small what about other rooms?

The Bed was comfortable. However, it was a queen sized bed and not King size. Why would they do that?

There was another lounge chair in the corner of the room with a round table adjacent to it.

The switchboard was a cheap quality board. It was one of those board where you fight to put your pin inside. Old school stuff. You can only use Indian pin in this room.

There was a TV across the bed. The TV had a Dish connection, and you could select from a wide variety of entertainment.

The room feels like a chain hotel, but there are so many mistakes by the designer.

The view from the room was a road and lot of greens around it.

4. Washroom

When you enter the washroom, it looks good.

As you enter, you have a sink on the right side. The sink is modern and comfortable. There is a lot of space around it to keep your stuff.

After the sink, you have a toilet, which feels like that it has its own position. A Shower glass separates it on the left, and there is sink on the right. The toilet had a bidet spray.

On the opposite side of the toilet and the shower area, is a nice bath tub. The tub looks luxurious. However, you can only wish to get a proper water in it.

The shower is partitioned but not enclosed. So your bathroom may get wet. The shower temperature and water pressure both are pretty horrible. It is zero pleasure to take a bath here. Rather I would consider it is punishing.

5. Toiletries

Toiletries are cheap and horrible. Bring your own!

6. Fitness Center

They didn’t have one.

7. Food and Beverage

The food here is on the better side. Everything is pure veg.

The breakfast spread is decent. You have so many local options to try.

As this is Bhavnagar, there is a majority Jain community here. So people here don’t go to a restaurant that serves meat. I am pretty sure that some Jain family owns the hotel.

The chef is kind enough to custom order it for you. The view from the breakfast spot is great. The bakery food is at a correct price and great taste.

8. Service

It is a mixed bag. Sometimes I question myself if the hotel staff is here to be hospitable, or rip me off, whereas most of the time they had no issue being hospitable. When I called for water – the staff told me it is chargeable. So if you book for three people, you still would be provided two bottles for your stay. (I said stay and not night). That sounds utterly horrible for a luxury hotel. I had to put a fight, and then they finally decided to give me two more bottles. After that, being a luxury travel blogger, this was the most ridiculous thing ever.When I told them I would definitely mention this on TripAdvisor – I got an apology call from the manager later asking if I needed anything. What a way to be hospitable!

9. Bottomline

The hotel is way out of the city, and it ‘s hard to get here. It is next to a mall which is a little mall. Yes, in few years the city might develop around this area.

The service of hotel left lot to be desired. The hotel has fantastic food, and I would recommend people to come here for café or meal. However, I won’t be staying here anytime soon. Yes, it feels luxurious, but at this price point, I would rather stay in full luxury than a limited luxury hotel.

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