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  3. Umaid Bhawan Maharani Suite
  4. ITC Rajputana at Jaipur
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  1. Room


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    For anyone who wants to look at the small room which we got, that disappointed us.


    Historical Suite

    The room in the Historical Suite felt like an urban city apartment.

    The first thing you see on opening the door is a standard study table in front of you that looks like it came straight from an Indian Government Office.


    As you enter the room, there are 2 paths – one leading to a covered dining area and another to the living room.

    Dining Area

    The Dining Area was a regular square room. It felt a little cramped due to surrounding walls on three sides. The walls were covered with the curtains. However, the room is meant for 2 adults and 2 kids; it shouldn’t be that difficult.

    The wooden table with a glass on it hexagonal in shape. There was no regalia feel to it.

Living Room

This Room was large and spacious and I admire that. It served as my abode for the next few days.

It could accommodate 5 people easily: 3 on the Sofa and 2 on single seats on the sides. You’d have to pull the study table chair for the 6th.

Across the sofa was a fake fireplace. I doubt one requires a fireplace in Rajasthan. However, it did have that regal tinge. There were paintings and portraits everywhere.

Umaid Bhawan got me on its extravagant Welcome Amenities. Macaroons, cakes, local sweets, chocolates and what not. I finished each one of them like a child in a candy store.

Oh just in case if I missed it, there was a mini bar to the right of the room. It had a lot of random snacks. Again, I am one of those people who would never take anything from the minibar. On top of the mini bar sat a grand gesture of complimentary wine.

I am an absolute teetotaller even as I am offered copious amounts of alcohol every day during most of my hotel stays.


A wooden door separated the Bedroom with the Living room.
I thought the Bedroom very small for the suite. I wish they had borrowed some space from the living room to enlargen the Old School Bedroom instead. The lighting was dim. The bed was comfortable and king sized with a Standard 5-star Hotel Cot Mattress. There was ottoman connected to the bed.

On both sides of the bed, there were small couches to sit on. Both couches were of different décors which made me think that one was added as an afterthought.  Locating the charging point required me to call the room service which was apparently behind the couch.

They also added a small new LCD to the room. It was appropriate for the bedroom size.

There was no master switch in the room to kill all the lights.

  1. Washroom

    Washroom here is incredibly grand. Likes of which I have never seen before. It’s funny to the point that it is double the size of the bedroom. Are you kidding me?

    There are 2 access points to the washroom.

    If you enter from the bedroom then you see a small wooden closet with a bathrobe hanging. In one of the drawers, there is an electronic safe. There is a step up that leads to the washroom from the closet.

    If you enter from the living room, you straightaway reach the marble dual sinks. This space is a comfortable large area.

    The bathtub feels ancient and very luxurious. It is connected to a table where you can place your toiletries. As it gets really hot in summer, there are air conditioner ducts above the tub.

    The toilet is old and royal with a wooden top. They have both toilet rolls and bidet.

    There is a separate shower cabin. The shower head has a standard metal head which didn’t look luxurious. The water pressure and temperature were fine. They also had a hand held shower which looked better.

  1. Toiletries

    Umaid Bhawan had Bala & Kafflle lime toiletries which felt cheap. They claimed to be luxurious but clearly weren’t. The soap didn’t have any fragrance. I found the toiletries at Taj Lake Palace Udaipur so much better.

    They gave me a small IGNIS tube and a plastic razor. This is where we realized that Umaid Bhawan is cutting costs.

  2. Service

    The service at the hotel is just excellent. Any problem we had were not because of the local staff. They went out of the way to help us. They wanted to give us the royal treatment. Whenever we wanted privacy, we got it. There was always someone who kept checking on us.

  3. My Observations and Bottomline

I did see other rooms which were far better. It gives you the otherworldly feeling of staying in the real palace that was once part of the royal splendor. These are the places that people dream about. It was one of the places we thought we would never be able to see.

Even though it is rated as Tripadvisor Number 3 hotel in the world- I am not sure why; I have been to far more luxurious hotels in my life and have seen far better amenities and things to do.  The service here is top notch but I found the service at Taj Mahal Palace and Taj Lake Palace slightly better.

The cost-cutting is evident here which might take away from the high rating they still have.

For food, shopping, and all other things, prices were reasonable. In fact, they were lower here than most top end restaurants at malls. They didn’t charge us obnoxious amounts if we wanted to hire a taxi or anything else. The welcome amenities I received here were the best in the whole damn world for sure. I have never consumed more macaroons in my life than in 3 days here.

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