• Introduction

    You can read the last report about my first night at ITC Sonar here. In this report, I will only explore the suite room.

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  • Check-In

I got a call from Ms. Kunju that a suite room was available and she could show it to me. She showed me two of them, and here I’m going to talk about the one I got immediately smitten with.

My new room number turned out to be  3110. You can read it at the bottom.

Who would have thought to look there? 


As I entered the room, On the left was the washroom and if I walked straight, there was the living room.  This room doesn’t have a  half toilet but doesn’t really need one either.

As you enter the room, on the right is a closet and on the left is basin area. Little ahead, you step into the living room. A little further ahead, you have a mini bar on the right.

There is a nice green sofa set on the right. I am seeing such colors for the first time in any ITC. I still feel I am in Hyatt rather than ITC.  The wood finish makes it feel more like that. Even the pillow setup is very Hyatt-ish. There is a  wooden round table in the middle.

There is a  nice big tv across the sofa. You have a  TV below it, but it isn’t obstructive when you are working a’la ITC Maurya. As I’ve repeated before, I  prefer a  proper office chair in there. There were two ottomans beside the study table.

Two chairs that look out of place.

In the corner of the room behind the sofa area is a  dining table for four people. This is a proper family room at it’s finest.

They placed some great welcome amenities in the room. I totally loved them for that. They placed Bengali sweets/sandesh in the room along with some soup sticks and cookies. They also had some fruits in the room just in case.

There is a sliding door that separates the bedroom and the living room.

They have a  proper King size bed here. Surprising! I love the bed here. They are amazing. Back to back to back – 3 hotels that have proper King size bed – ITC Maurya, ITC Grand Bharat and ITC Sonar. I am truly astonished. Add ITC Sheraton suite to the list too. ITC is paying attention finally.

The room has the same crappy switchboard as they had in their club room.

There is a small TV across the bed. I thought TV was really small for the room.

There is a  balcony attached to the room which you have to request to unlock. There is big flower pond outside and a sitting area.

You have the pond view from here. However, a tree is obstructing the view.



They have even placed a nice bowl of flowers in the washroom. LOVELY!

As you enter the washroom from the bedroom, you see a  nice soaking tub. This looks very luxurious. The fitting is awesome.

As you walk past the tub, there is a shower area.They have a standard ITC shower there. The water pressure and water temperature were just fine.

As you turn around from the soaking tub area, you have a single large sink with a lot of storage area around it. Again this is Hyatt sink and not the classic ITC black marble sink.

Believe it or not – They have a separate cabin for the toilet here.  Top that with – it has an Arabic bidet in this room. In my life, I have never seen this at any other ITC hotel. NEVER! Only in the presidential suite at ITC Grand Bharat that costs like $6800 a night.

They have one more sink across the toilet. One of that rare sight to see a  dual sink at ITC hotels. I have only seen it at ITC Grand Bharat and nowhere else till now. If you still don’t believe me – You can see in this pic – 2 sinks.

Now the first time I see a closet, not inside the washroom area. You have to pass the living room and into the closet.

The closet is a separate area in itself. You have a large room that has everything. There is stepper here. There is a massage chair here. A very interesting room. Never thought I would be sitting in the closet getting a massage. The massage chair is barely functional. It doesn’t really work.

Food and Beverage

Fabelle Chocolates

If you have been reading my reports for a while, you already know I love Fabelle chocolate outlet. They have delicious drinks.  However, there is a problem with Fabelle chocolate outlet here. You can’t bill it to the room. That is so odd.

Till now I was earning starpoints by eating my desserts and drinking chocolate guilt free,  I was so happy about that. It brings down the cost considerably if you know you are getting points for it.  


Food Challenge obviously kept going on for next day. I was feeling better after spending the previous day in bed.

Next day there was a new chef. He scored the goal with the very first dish I was served for breakfast, i.e. Nolen Gur Rosogolla and Sandesh for breakfast. I didn’t want to leave this hotel. I know momma said no cookies or chocolates for breakfast. But she hasn’t said anything about Paneer and Bengali sweets.

Afterward, they complemented it with their signature juice.

Day again started with Club puri and some potato preparation.

Chef decided, that I had had enough of Bengali dishes and I should try their South Indian specialty. When the chef has already scored 2 goals in a row right in the beginning, You simply can’t say no to him when he insists on trying what he thinks is awesome. Why would I have South Indian food in Kolkata? As the Chef put it – its Bengali south Indian fusion. YES SIR INDEED!

I succumbed to my stomach. My growling stomach wanted to punch me and my mouth started salivating like a starving stray dog. Now I know why the Bengali man usually carries a belly. I myself got halfway there.

I am going to come back here again. I will try my best to come prepared and I know you guys would KO me out, but it would be sweetest KO ever.  I would see stars in the day and my gluttony would become a legend I would share with anyone who would lend me their ears.  I forgot to mention some Doi


If I haven’t written enough nice things about ITC Sonar, I don’t know what more I can say. I would definitely recommend people to come and stay here. This definitely feels more like the Hyatt experience rather than ITC except for the pretty ladies walking around in Bengali sarees.

This hotel definitely is an icon for culinary excellence and truly the best ITC hotel for the food. PERIOD! People may try to give the crown to  ITC Maurya Delhi but I just don’t see how. Chefs here infuse creativity, love, caring and knowledge to dazzle you beyond your largest imagination. They really care about serving you local delights.

I really loved this room. Except for the gnarly switchboard. Everything was just great. They placed superb welcome amenity in my room. I gobbled them up at speed of light.

I was showered with great care and love by Ms. Ratnabali Chaterjee, Ms. Varsha and Ms. Kunju Sherpa from the front office whereas Ms. Rebecca, Ms. Khushanandi and the chef from the kitchen staff at eden pavillion. 

Ms. Ratnabali went beyond her duty to make us feel comfortable. I can’t thank her enough. I look forward to meeting them all again soon.

Special thanks to Ms. Kunju Sherpa for always be present on the call. I would definitely come back here, just to stay in this hotel.

WWhile I was staying I was fortunate to witness IPL teams present there.I got opportunity to meet many players there. 



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