Entry to the hotel.

I roll my windows down and it feels like a majestic English rich viceroy bungalow. I guess it was intended effect they had when they designed the property. It is located on little height and you have to drive up to reach the lobby.Why are you in this hotel in this city?

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Why are you in this hotel in this city?

I was in Bangalore for my company’s work. I was 1 brand away from getting 5 brands bonus with SPG which would award me bonus 500 points. ITC Windsor is part of luxury Collections with Starwood. I checked up rates online and I felt I got a discounted package. I booked for 2 nights on weekend. This hotel cost me Rs 13900 for 2 nights.

Points I received for this hotel – I value 1 Starpoint at Rs 3.32
Check in Gold Bonus = 250 points
Member’s Exclusive = 4000 points
Stay points = 358
More for you offer = 716
SPG 50% Elite bonus = 179
Total Points = 5503
Value in Money = Rs 18269 ($270.79)
Money I got for the stay = Rs 4369.60 ($64.75)

Check in

As I went inside the hotel, there was a beautiful fountain sitting in middle of the lobby. On the left size there was check in desks. They offered me some chocolate brownies kept for members. (First time I am getting this during check in). I requested for water and immediately got it.

It took them little while to figure out the room for me and I was given Room 4002. Again this being luxury collection with ITC – I get enhanced room for the price category I have selected while booking. I don’t get an upgrade. I was told that hotel is going under renovation and hence they won’t be able to offer me any upgrade. If there were any rooms, they would definitely provide me something.

I was offered 1 drink at the bar for 50% discount. There was no evening lounge at this hotel. It definitely is making me cautious for my stay at ITC. I should call them and ask in advance if they have evening lounge or not. I always count that I would be getting some snacks in the evening unless it’s a Design Hotels property.

1 night before this, I was coming from The Park Bangalore whose room and care definitely astounded me. Sometimes when some Hotel takes great care of you and then you go to one which is little less caring, you tend to feel it’s a little bit let down experience

I also realized ITC Windsor is little far from the city center.

There is something I noticed about this property was how good the fragrance was. Even on stairs there were flowers everywhere. In lobby, there was strong chocolate fragrance coming from Fabelle stores.

Journey to the room

I was given room on the 4th floor. Elevator was right in front of the lobby. Elevator felt bit old. As the door opened, there was massive hall with rooms in all directions. I had to carefully read where my room was located. In a few seconds, one of the employee came and guided me to the room. Explained me features of the room.

There was door that segregated something. I never figured out why was there a door in hall way. They definitely didn’t have access restriction.

I was asked what Special amenity I would like. They offered me some Chocolates and cut fruits.


As soon as I entered the room, it felt smaller because I was coming from The Park Bangalore where room felt quite expansive. Suddenly this was feeling like baby size. However, it was definitely standard ITC deluxe room.

On the right was cupboard and on the left there is washroom. The room had 1 solid oak table to work on.

As you can see there is shoe polish and other shoe products place below TV in nice little tray. The room has very unique coat holder.
The table present in the room is solid oak and its same with the chair. I didn’t find the chair particularly comfortable as I am habituated to a moving chair while working. I don’t like static chairs as they are pain to move around.

The bed was normal king size bed. However, it felt more like queen size to me. As I was the only one so I didn’t care much.

One of the best part about this room was that there was master switch near bed to kill the lights. It wasn’t crazy that you go searching for switchboard in middle of the night. I love hotels that keep it simple for the customer. ITC has been one of the mindful hotels when it comes to designing room with customer experience. They just don’t make a room and put a bed in the room. I wish other hotels were mindful too. One of the loveliest part about this room was aviation art work. For someone who is actually a aaviation geek. This place is like a treat. I was so delighted reading about old school aeroplaens and small tidbitds about them. The vide of the city is fine but veradah felt littlthe porch felt litle dark. I wish it was little bright and I could chill in the evening on chairs placed outside.

One of the loveliest part about this room was aviation art work. For someone who is actually a aaviation geek. This place is like a treat. I was so delighted reading about old school aeroplaens and small tidbitds about them. The vide of the city is fine but veradah felt littlthe porch felt litle dark. I wish it was little bright and I could chill in the evening on chairs placed outside.

The room had gallery which didn’t feel private as when you step out, people staying in neighboring room could observe you. They have added divider but it just doesn’t have the same effect. View of the city and pool was wonderful from my room. I wish there was more lights in gallery if you want to sit out and have something to eat.

There was some problem with door and it won’t just shut properly. I had to wrestle it shut.


Washroom had signature ITC basin which is round and small in size in marble unit. The tap fixtures were usual old school retro fitting.

There was a bath tub with shower built in it. I love having bath tub and shower separate. Why would someone want to take shower in a bath tub? It creates splash everywhere and who wants to climb into small tub and stand in it. It isn’t smoothest surface to stand on. I definitely felt like I might end up breaking the tub. Although it was stronger than it looked. I definitely don’t appreciate the experience.

The shower was regular. It wasn’t rain shower. Water temperature was moderate and water pressure was fine. You have to wait for few moments before hot water to come.


I love the packaging they provided as toiletries.

Toileteries were standard ITC DI Wills. You get nice fragrance. However, shampoo and bath gel is the same bottle. We need beauty experts to be jury on that one.

Internet Speed

As being Starwood Gold member I was entitled to fast internet. I definitely got fast internet but it was annoying. It would keep resetting the connection. I would have to sign in every 15 to 20 mins. I ended up not using it much. It was just annoying.

Food and Beverages

Food is where ITC Windsor just stumped me. It was one of the best courses I have had in any ITC property I have had till date. The decoration, presentation and just about everything was just fantastic.


ITC has opened a chocolate connoisseur store for chocolate lovers who get the chocolates. People who would like to try different chocolates such as Ganache, Guidija etc. They have amazing range of chocolate desserts and drink.

I tried Café Madagascar which had dark chocolate with coconut ice-cream which won me over. I am hooked to it. It’s my new Godiva.


This is one of the buffet where they have all this labels everywhere. Small labels showing features of food and why you should eat that food. What is health benefits associated with them? Just blew me away. The presentation was just amazing. Even the butter wrapper with ITC Windsor written on top of it looks elegant.

I was on diet where I am Gluten-free vegan who is not allowed to eat salt. Mr. Jaisurya the chef took the challenge and made me the most amazing cashew pancakes I had. He got me one of the best baked yogurts which I just loved. Vegan Yogurt was first for me.

The Pavilion looks wonderful itself. You feel like you are sitting in nature mixed with luxury. When you look out there is beautifully designed pool to look at.

Fitness Center

The fitness center was a large room with lot of machines in it. It was designed nicely. I don’t agree with the location where the gym has been built. There is no view and it’s just a room with equipment. There is no workout hard vibe to it.

Trade mills present in this hotel as same as pretty much all the hotels I have been visiting. They all have military workouts built in and you can watch TV with it. There were no headphones present and you had to bring your own. Again I don’t know why but there was just one music channel on the TV. I am pretty sure it’s a common knowledge that when people workout they want music and not some TV shows. ITC being one of the operators where TV channels are very limited.

Same with the cycles. Hotel has same awesome cycle as everywhere. But again it lacked channel. Weight room was average. There was an attendant who would help people stretch out but didn’t look motivated.

Swimming pool is nice large pool to get some quality lonely swim.


I definitely loved the people here. They all made sure to make you feel special. Staff definitely paid attention to you. My friend who came to meet me and loved the brownies at check in. However, they got finished fast. The lady at reception made sure that she got him extra helping he really wanted. I just feel I was at the hotel at wrong time. Maybe renovation was the part that had let down. I had problem with Uber driver as I couldn’t understand the local language; staff took it upon themselves to get me on my ride.

Bottom line

I am definitely returning back to ITC Windsor. I want to feel like royalty again. I just hope I get better room next time around. Otherwise I have no complaints. I definitely don’t want the washroom with no separate shower. I would make sure to point that out next time. Food at ITC Windsor is total delight. I definitely loved the way Mr. Jaisurya made sure I was fed. It made it more personal touch. Staff didn’t make it look like hotel was greedy corporate waiting for you to part ways with your money. I wish they had proper evening hours at lounge. If they add that, ITC Windsor might be one of the best properties I stayed at in terms of ITC group.

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