1. Introduction

    Le Meridien used to be one of the iconic Hotels even when I was young. When I was 7, I had come to this hotel with my parents. We went to dine at the top floor and learned soon that it was absolutely out of our budget. We left immediately.

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    The best part is that hotel is located about 500 m from The Park Hotel and is very close to the central district i.e. Connaught Place. It has a prime location and a high rank on Tripadvisor despite being such an old hotel. My expectations from it were really high.

    I got to see the lovely sight of a lift that was rising from the water. I have never seen this before. As soon as I as I acquired my Platinum Status and got to know that I can get a Suite here, I snagged it. I also found the cheapest rate this hotel had ever posted online of around Rs 7800. I have never seen it below Rs 10,000 to date otherwise.


  1. Check-In

    As my cab pulled into the lobby, deftly came a doorman and collected my bags.

    At the reception, the staff recognized my Platinum status and upgraded me to Suite Room.

    The lobby area is huge and there are so many seating options available. It is a very good place to hold business meetings.

    I took a left towards the elevator. The age old elevator is still there. The novelty has worn off and they still look great.  A staff member escorted me to my room.

    As I looked around, everything was looking fabulous. The hotel looks beautiful from up high. The architecture is indeed marvelous. I could not see any festivity signs, though. With New Year around the corner, I thought I would see them.

    I took a left from the elevator and another left on the end of the hallway. Hotel is in rhombus shape. With little more walk on the left side, I reached my room.

    My room number is 1722.

  2. Room

    The room starts with a proper hall still maintaining its retro vibe. The furniture is definitely not dated. The living room is huge.

    To the left is half washroom.

    As I walked ahead, on the left was the minibar. I was given a free bottle of wine and some fruits. I requested for some cookies and nuts as well. The person who showed me my room dialed and got the welcome food amenities placed in my room.

    Ahead, there is a retro leather couch and a large glass table in the middle.

    We also have a dining table for 4 and a brand new small sized TV.

    The living room and bedroom are separated by a door.

    The Bedroom is unique in shape and has a proper King Size Bed. The view from the window is great.

    On the right side of the entrance is a Study Table that has a lounging chair instead of an office chair.

    There is nice TV in front of the bed. The view next to TV is amazing too.

    There is well intentioned Master Control Switch next to the bed. The problem with the switch is that it is too slow. You have to be patient for it to work.

    At end of the room is beach leather lounging chair.

    The view outside the room is full of greenery and some buildings.

  3. Overall, I find the room awesomely weird. I would definitely love to spend a few nights here.
  4. Washroom

    The Washroom starts with a large closet and storage area and is massive in size. It felt bigger than the bedroom. I loved the flooring too.

    Ahead to the closet area, there is a sink. Given the era this hotel was made in, the washroom has a single nice and round sink instead of two. It isn’t as awesome as you have at Le Meridien Gurgaon. It had low lights, which is why I found it little difficult to do a proper shave.

    On the right, you have separate cabins for the toilet and the shower.

    The Toilet was good with a bidet spray next to it.

    The shower cabin which had both Hand Shower as well as Rain Shower. The shower was wonderful and very relaxing. The temperature was great. The green view from the shower was refreshing.

    The best part of the Washroom was the Soaking Tub with a view. I have never stayed in a hotel where I can lay in the soaking tub enjoying music and the view outside the window. For the issue of privacy, there are blinders provided here.

    One could totally fall in love with this washroom.

  5. Toiletries

    I liked the toiletries provided by SPA. However, Le Meridien Gurgaon’s were better. These lacked a mesmerizing smell.

  6. Fitness Center

    The fitness center is located on the first floor.


    It one room with all the cardio equipment and another room with all the weight and resistance equipment.

    The treadmills were not the top of the line. They were fine, though. They still have a TV and some programmed training session inbuilt.  Same can be said about the stationary bike. There is no view from fitness center. It just feels like a room with all the equipments.

    The swimming pool was very frosty, covered by fog. It made me lose the courage to go for a swim.

  1. Food and Beverage


    Evening lounge is located on the top floor. Just heading there brought all the old memories back. The restaurant we went to has now become the evening lounge. It still had that lovely tunnel leading into the lounge.

    However, it was completely empty.

    They had some cookies, tarts, fruits, bread, sandwiches, a couple of varieties of cheese and non-vegetarian snacks and a warm vegetarian snack.

    It felt very limited and definitely nothing compared to Le Meridien Gurgaon.


    Breakfast spread at Le Meridien is excellent.

    There are a lot of vegetarian options. I don’t think the chef was top notch. As again I was disappointed at him for not being able to customize. All the pancakes and waffle contained egg and chef weren’t willing to make them egg-less for me. There was no local flavor either. You definitely won’t get to learn about Delhi’s specialty in food from this menu.

    The view from the restaurant was wonderful too. You could look outside and see beautifully landscaped gardens and lovely green lushes.

  2. Service

    Overall, I found the service well intentioned. The staff was professional. However, I felt they couldn’t customize the stay to my liking. The bottle of wine is greatly appreciated.

    I wish they improved their food section and had more choices for people who had allergies or needed more variety of the food. I wish they added local flavor to the restaurant. Both lounge and breakfast were an average experiences. They didn’t feel like I was in a top of the line hotel.

  3. Bottomline

    Staying at Le Meridien has done a lot of things for my personal psyche and self-confidence. Having a dream of staying at this hotel and finally managing to pull it off after years is an achievement. Moreover, I got the chance to stay in its lovely Suite. The Suite was well equipped but some things did not function well. However, overall it was wonderful. The washroom is something I can’t say enough good things. I definitely loved the view around the hotel and its design. I would love to come back here. I hope that the next time their chef has in his repertoire the ability to customize food and cook me something healthy, tasty and local.


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