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We have already covered Grand Hyatt Mumbai (Click here if you want to read it) in the past. There are no major changes from the last time as I practically stayed in the very same room as my previous visit. Grand Hyatt is a wonderful hotel to stay at, however, I regret booking this hotel as I would have earned way more points at another hotel where much a better promotion was going on. The life of a points and miles guy who just has to live with the best choice. I feel the pinch when I am spending money and not getting a proportionate amount in return.I will have to be very careful when I book some hotel next time.


I won’t be reviewing meals, room, washroom, etc. this time around. In fact, I would just be reviewing what I didn’t review last time around.

What is different this time around?
A. I am a platinum member, so I get faster internet and late checkout usually. I got the same this time also.
B. I don’t have club lounge access, so I have to pay for it if I want to access it. Last time it was part of the package.

Internet Speed

Getting faster internet was definitely better as this time around I had a lot of work to do. Internet was definitely great.

Food and Beverages

Last time I didn’t cover the lounge access

Hyatt club is on the first floor, and it is quite a huge room to visit. You can go around and try different things. The spread in the evening is very limited, however, from 6 to 8 PM, but for someone who is a good alcohol consumer, it’s quite a great place to be. They provide amazing chocolates and drinks. You can ask for shakes and mixes which aren’t present at the bar.  The staff is also wonderful.

Fitness Center

The swimming pool is outside with the property surrounding it. The pool is decent. It is not an athletic pool but something for fun. The pool isn’t deep, and there aren’t any lifeguards around, or at least I didn’t spot one when I was there.

I just loved the fitness center here. It is a huge center with a lot of space to work. There are two separate rooms. One room has all the equipment where you would do cardio and weight lifting. Another room is for people who want to stretch or do Yoga.

Phillips headphone that they provide, to be used along with the machines.
Phillips headphone that they provide, to be used along with the machines.

Treadmills, stationary bike, and hopper are top of the line with inbuilt TV. They have multiple fitness plans, programmed inside the machine. However, I didn’t like the view outside. It felt like an idle lawn which didn’t feel like a play area either.

They have lovely Steam, Sauna, and Jacuzzi. I loved it so much that I kept coming back there during my entire stay. I would wake up early and make sure to use all of their facilities before heading for breakfast.

Car-wash like shower present at Fitness Center. Small things that make you squirm.

Something I really liked about them is how thoughtful they were when they provided me with a locker key. I just loved it! Small things make you feel more comfortable and luxurious. The mindfulness in small things, that make a big difference. You have a lovely strap that you can tie around your wrist.


Service this time around was lethargic. If I wanted anything, I would have to make multiple calls before I would get anything. It annoyed me so much that I had to complain it to the manager. Luckily, they provide you with a WhatsApp number during your stay, at which you can make a complaint. Luckily, they compensated us with a box of chocolates and some cookies which my guests really loved.  I had to make several calls before I got any service from them. I was surprised about what has happened here. Maybe, the hotel was sold out and couldn’t cater to customers or was it some staff change, I just don’t know what happened this time around.

Bottom line

I definitely still love this place and would come back. They have so many events that keep happening. I definitely won’t come when the prices are landmark high, as I won’t get much out of it. Being a Platinum member for Hyatt means nothing. You really have to be diamond to get some different service. I hold Platinum with SPG and I would always mark my stays with them unless there is some incredible offer going on with Hyatt. Hyatt is definitely one of the best programs out there, but as new changes are coming, it is irking many old customers. Being Platinum with Hyatt is just a status, and not much privilege to it, which makes it feel little dull.

Being Platinum with Hyatt is just a status, and not much privilege to it, which makes it feel little dull.


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