I booked a hotel that looked like a cheaper version of Westin. I loved the price point and value I was getting out of it. I didn’t understand completely from the map, the kind of trouble I would require to get to this property. I thought it would be like Manesar where Hyatt Regency Gurgaon is located. However, when I landed at the airport, I realized that none of the taxi drivers wants to come there without overcharging me. Uber and Ola don’t really cater to the destination. You have the option of Meru and local travel cab. I obviously should have done my research before.So, I decide to get Meru cab at Indira Gandhi International Airport and head on the way. As I made my way to the destination, I passed through various rural fields, heavy duty transport and into the proper countryside. I realized then that you need to have your own vehicle to get here. The resort is way further away from the city. I felt completely ripped off by the time I reached the hotel. It was surprising that the hotel didn’t have a change to provide for a taxi. I learned my lesson well. As I enter the property, I let out a sign of relief that I have finally reached.
Why are you in this hotel in this city?

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I wanted to try a Westin brand, and I thought this one was cheaper. The price difference between both the properties was huge. When I saw this one on the map, it felt close to Gurgaon. I didn’t take into account that it is outside boundaries of the city and Uber/Ola doesn’t service the destination.I was supposed to attend a seminar, but by the time I reached the hotel I realized, I can’t do any other work but stay here. I decided to let go of the seminar.

Check in:

As I reached the entrance of the lobby, a guard quickly came and collected my bags from the taxi. There was sit-down check-in. The staff provided all the information related to my SPG allowance. I had access to 6-8 to evening hours. They had upgraded me to the premier They provided me with this letter.A server came and provided me with cold towels and welcome drink. After my check in process was over, they guided me to outside the lobby area and asked me to wait for the cart.

As I reached the entrance of the lobby, a guard quickly came and collected my bags from the taxi. There was a sit-down check-in. The staff provided all the information related to my SPG allowance. I had access to 6-8 to evening hours. They had upgraded me to the premier. They provided me with this letter.

A server came and provided me with cold towels and a welcome drink. After my check in process was over, they guided me outside the lobby area and asked me to wait for the cart.

After a few moments, it hit me that this isn’t a place where you would rather stay alone. It is a resort where you would hang out. The staff was surprised that I was checking in solo. Even I realised my own error of not doing my research.

Journey to the room:

Within few minutes, cart chauffeur took me along with my baggage to my room. It felt like a large property. There were Ratite and other birds roaming around the property. I felt I was totally in some gorgeous countryside It is laid out over 37 acres.


I totally embraced the challenge which I faced. You see nature out there which looks beautiful. The landscaping work and the design were excellent. The room were villas and felt like you had a luxurious cobbled stone home. As we reached my room and I look around, it couldn’t have been a perfect location. I had a swimming pool in front of my door and one behind from another side. The clubhouse was right behind me. I had the shortest walk to the restaurant.


The room felt extremely private villa. You are out there alone in nature in your luxury cottage. It was like a typical suite room where you would have a living room and a bedroom. The room was 55, My living room had a wooden study table. Everything had all rustic wood charm. Everything looked new and dated at the same time.I entered the lobby and fired up the lights. I felt there wasn’t much light present in the first place.
On the left, there was mini bar and water. The living room had a sofa, small couches, and a table when you order room service or want to put your items there. There is no other place around the hotel. So either you bring your meals from home, or you consume the restaurant’s offering. The meals do feel pricey at Rs 2000 per buffet.

The bedroom had a comfortable master bed and TV. There were unique wooden stools present to keep your stuff.There was luggage storage area on the left of the room next to washroom area. I found the room very dark as they lacked lighting. I had to keep curtains open to having decent lighting in the room. Drapes surrounded the bed. Obviously, Westin has its signature heavenly bed present. The bed was super comfortable and easy to snuggle in.


Washroom at Westin Sohna, I can consider it as one of the best washrooms I have used in my life. The washroom was way better than the bedroom in fact. It was huge. I am short on an adjective to define the washroom. Washroom had way better natural lights and comfortable feel than the room.It was glassed roof where you could see nature around you. The bath tub was just glorious.

As you enter, you see double sinks on the left. The sink unit is massive and a lot of space for two people to easily get ready together. There is relaxed nature vibe present.

There is glass door shower cabin on the right. There is a separate cabin for the toilet.

How can I miss the great soaking tub, right across has its own basking in glory presence? The bathroom is a pure opulent luxury. You feel like jumping in the tub and just relaxing for a few hours.

The way basins are placed, is unique. There is a huge space where you can put your stuff.

The shower is a rainforest shower with great temperature and pressure setting. It is a pure bliss to be present here.

In the evening it has a more pacifying effect. You hear literally nothing around you. Silence! Easy to meditate in the soaking tub. The roof design feels like you are going to catch the perfect light. You can request to the staff to make you a bath with bath salt and foam bath to make it appropriate.

The toilet had a bidet spray. I always appreciate when they have that present in the toilet. I also like how there is separate glass cabin for the toilet.

The toiletries at this hotel are chemical free. However, the problem is that there is no fragrance you get. It feels bland. I still love how the soap looks.It is a lovely leaf shaped soap. Overall I appreciate the effect. However, fragrance is always more appreciatable.

Internet Speed:

Despite being at the remote location, internet speed was excellent, and you could pretty much surf anything without buffering. It had a very comfortable place to sit and get some work done.

Food and Beverages:

I liked the food here. Though I didn’t find the Chef creative at all, still food tasted great. However, I didn’t feel that chef had the knowledge and creativity to provide creative alternatives for dietary requirements. He was able just to recommend a couple of things on the menu. They didn’t take any effort to make something unique for me. I was hoping I would get something unique as there is significant writing about wellness everywhere. This is supposed to be a wellness retreat. MEH!I found the prices of the meal on the higher side, and as there is nothing around the place, so you have to fork out extra money. I would recommend people to get package booking done when you enter. You can easily get the half-board package at a lower price.

The setting of the restaurant was lovely. The buffet spread was quite expansive. However, it didn’t feel luxurious. There were very few vegetarian desserts present.

I have taken a lot of pictures of the food, enjoy the view:-




Lounge Breakfast:

Fitness Center:

The way the Fitness center is designed is just brilliant. You require your room key to enter the fitness center. It is workout zone for fitness enthusiasts that love the nature element when you are working out. It feels like you are in the middle of nowhere, working out. There is trees and nature around you. You can see the swimming pool. Property promotes you to walk around and be healthy. They will lend you some shoes and workout gear if you are staying for a while.

The only problem I had when I wanted to use the fitness center, there was nobody there to help. No help absolutely. If you don’t know how to operate something, you won’t be helped.They have two swimming pools. One is full-scale proper swimming pool right next to the Fitness Center, and another one was right across my room which was more of the fun pool to laze around.

The way the pool is designed is cool. You can bring your tubes, and there is shifting landscape present. Bridges, canals and a large area to move around. They can even put up music and make the evening more entertaining. It would be like a pool party for people who are staying.

Activity Center:

As this is a resort, people require spending some time doing something. This being an wellness retreat of the sort, they have nice activity centre for kids. They need to have more activities. So far they have horse riding, go karting and archery. There are some kids area games, like a board game, pottery and drawing stuff. I didn’t try any of it. However, the design is beautiful. It might be easy for kids to spend a couple of days here.


I loved how well intentioned and sweet the staff members were. It is just management failure where things can’t get done. They always had a smile and did something if they could. However, service was too slow. Maybe they don’t have enough staff or staff centre is too far.I had to call 100 times for anything. It did get delivered with a smile and an apology. Initially, they didn’t provide me with any welcome amenity as they forgot. When I requested it a couple of times, they gave me this fantastic cake and a big box of chocolate truffles. I really appreciate the gesture. I just hope management does something about helping the staff and have some different ways to make them efficient.


Coming to/Going from this property is an utter nightmare unless you own a vehicle and are from Delhi/Gurgaon. I recommend you hire your own taxi. Meru is completely unreliable, whereas, you would be very lucky if you get an uber/ola. They end up canceling at the worst possible times. I had that sinking feeling as I was being punished for coming here. I somehow luckily got an Uber that came in 15 mins after waiting for 40 mins. There is nothing around it, so it is rare for Uber to get on the radar. There is no help from the property. I wish they had a complimentary shuttle to their Gurgaon hotel. You have to tell hotel in advance as the car stands at Westin Gurgaon. It takes a while to come to the hotel. They would charge you Rs 5000 for a drop to anywhere in Delhi. Complete Rip off!
The property overall is wonderfully designed. You feel it is right in the middle of nature. It has the intended effect. I found it too dark for my liking. I don’t like dark places. I was carrying around the flashlight to get around. I have negligible night vision making it, even more, tougher for me. I decided to stick indoors instead of feeling like a camper with the lights. Even the bedroom is too dark for my liking. If you drop something, it is hard to find due to lack of lighting. I preferred the washroom more than the room.

The staff means well, but they are not provided with enough help from management. Everything takes just too much time to get done. I doubt I will be returning anytime soon. I felt so lucky when I reached the airport. I loved the cake and chocolates.

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