1. Entry to the hotel.

 St. Regis is an ultra-luxury brand by Starwood. They are probably considered the most luxurious hotels in the chain. The hotel’s entrance is right next to the popular Phoenix Mall in Lower Parel. It is situated very close to Worli and many IT parks.

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The hotel is situated on a higher floor, so you have to take an elevator up to the 9M floor.

  1. Why are you in this hotel in this city?

 I decided to book it because I saw a great discount by virtue of the Thanksgiving sale by SPG. This property marked the starting of my year-end holiday. Every New Year, I head out and try something new. This year it was St. Regis, probably the most luxurious holiday I have ever had. I decided to have an excellent mattress run with St Regis Mumbai, Westin Gurgaon, ITC Maurya and ITC Grand Bharat. Just checking out all the luxury hotels in one go. Thanks to the sale.

This hotel had been on my wishlist for a very long time. In the past when this hotel was known as Palladium hotel, I had gifted a stay to my parents. My father really loved it back then. When learned that this hotel an SPG, it made it to my bucket list.

  1. Check in

The entrance is marvellous with an absolutely iconic opulence about it. You can’t help but appreciate its lavish bounty.

The Lobby was extravagant with a massive Christmas tree perched in the middle of it. A big sitting area was on the left where they hold evening tea from 3 to 5 PM.

St. Regis has a seated check in with proper seating. They bring cold towels and a welcome drink.

I was soon assigned a deluxe room.

As a signature of St. Regis, butlers come to collect bags. The elevators are on left of the reception.

The one part I really appreciated is that this hotel has many elevators. I didn’t have to wait much to get in the elevator. It was very smooth here.

  1. Room


As you enter the room, you see a small hallway with full-size glass cupboards.

As soon as you enter the room, you see large study table. The location of study couldn’t be better. It is right next to the window. The chair was the perfectly ergonomic office chair 

On the left, is the St Regis bed made up in ST. Regis style. The room is large. Whoever designed it definitely paid heed to the smallest of the details when they were putting the room together.

The bed is King size and super comfortable. Pillows were lined up in signature St. Regis style.

The Butler explained me the features of the room and gave me his contact card.There was decently big TV across the bed with a lot of storage space around it.

Luckily, this hotel didn’t compromise on entertainment and had the full DTH connection, so I could surf through multiple channels.

There were some fruits kept on the round table.


The switchboard looked new with the darling Master Switch feature. The one pet peeve I have against so many hotels has to do with an absentee Master Switch.

The view from the room was of the spectacular Skyline of Mumbai. I’m glad for the justice this room does to Mumbai’s grandeur.

There was lounge chair in the corner of the room with round glass table in front of it.

  1. Washroom

The washroom hasn’t changed much since my parents’ stay here. It looked pretty much the same.

On the right, there is a beautiful sink with a lot of space around it.

On the left was a very cute soaking tub. As you guys already know how good looking soaking tubs impress me.

There was long shelf behind the tub.

One of the best things I saw was standard separate units for the Toilet the Shower. So you have two separate glass door cabins. I always appreciate when hotels place the toilet inside glass door cabins.

Unfortunately, there was no bidet spray here. It is quite a disappointment when hotels don’t insert bidet sprays in India.

The bath cabin had both a hand held shower and a rainforest shower. The water pressure was as perfect as what a doctor would prescribe for stress relief. The hand held shower had multiple modes to play around.

  1. Toiletries

As the standard with any St. Regis, the toiletries were provided by Remede. They have a lovely fragrance and feel great to use.


  1. Internet Speed

 This was one area I was expecting a lot and I wasn’t disappointed. The speed was just superb and probably better than any other hotel I have stayed in. It was a pleasure to do some work here. 

  1. Food and Beverages

 Club Lounge


In the evening, they have cocktail hours from 6 to 8. I was expecting a lot here as I had heard that they have an A La Carte vs. the Standard Buffet at other hotels. Moreover, the lounge is on the 37th floor.

You get to have top-drawer cocktails and Japanese dishes at a very high altitude. I lack adjectives for this. You can see Worli sea face, Haji Ali and Race Course in the distance. A place where you can truly admire the beauty of this city, it had me spellbound.


The menu is as this.


As soon as I read Okonomiyaki, I jumped out of instinct to order a few of these. The alcohol selection was limited but definitely classy.


 As I have already indicated earlier and I would indicate again that St. Regis New York is famous for the invention of the drink The Bloody Mary. All St Regis add their own local twist to the drink. Here is the Mumbai’s version:

Anyone would be at a loss for words to describe the breakfast here. The spread is so expansive that it took me a while to even finish tour around it.

I have never seen such versatile spread of morning bakery at any other hotel in India.

Eight flavors of Ice cream, they even had sorbet!


They have a top chef who would love to cook or recommended dishes for you. However, I don’t think anyone could possibly need more than what was already there. All this food made me want to cheat the diet I was following. It felt like such a shame to be worrying about my health regime here, with this delicious spread beckoning me. But I still assure you that you won’t be disappointed if you still decide to stay healthy and place a request to the chef.

I would let you guys watch the golden spread:

Just sitting at the table, having breakfast and enjoying the view. I know this is completely ridiculous. No way I got to try even 1/20 of the item on this menu. Only thing I can say is culinary brilliance. 

  1. Fitness Center

I rarely see a pull-up bar at any of the hotels. This is actually the first hotel where I saw one.

There was a lot of cardio equipment here to burn a lot of those breakfast calories. They had the same standard treadmill which you can find in all the hotels with circuit workouts and a TV built in. I wish they had the treadmill from The Park Kolkata. One area where they can improve.

The Fitness Centre is quite long room and you will find everything here. It is on the 10th floor, so you can enjoy the workout and the top view together. It wasn’t the best view, but still good enough.

The swimming pool here was just gorgeous. It felt like an infinity pool. I just loved the booths and the sitting area around the pool. They had stations there to make it a pool party. However, I am yet to hear that this hotel holds parties.

  1. Service


When you get the butler service, you can easily gauge the rest. The service was prompt. I couldn’t have asked for more. The duty manager Mr Ashish was very helpful.

They meant well and were highly polished. I really want to spend more time here to get to know the staff.


  1. Bottom line


For me, St Regis is the best business hotel in India so far. There are many hotels which are good, and they have a lot of things going on, but they still have a long way before they come even close to St Regis Regalia. Color me impressed. Their cleaning is pristine. There is so much that is going on behind the scenes that guests don’t see. I truly cherish this memory. Next time I see such incredible fares, I am coming back again in a heartbeat. I want to show this hotel to everyone in my family. Deep down, I know I am coming for the 2nd round as soon as possible.

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