As you might already be aware that there is trouble in Jet Airways paradise. We are slowly seeing more and more downgrades in everyday services. Till now I thought it would be just Economy cuts. However, I am slowly seeing cuts in Premium end of services too.

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Amount of Upgrades

Back in the day, if you had Platinum upgrade voucher, you were golden. You basically had to show up to the airport or call their customer service and get yourself upgraded. However, they have completely reduced inventory and now I am getting just 2 seats per flight for the advance upgrade. I tried to upgrade 3 seats and wasn’t able to do for a flight that is supposed to take off 5 months later.

Made to wait at the Airport

Basically, the criteria for the upgrade has changed. This the level of preference who gets upgraded on the flight.

  1. Cash Upgrade(If you are paying cash upfront – you get the priority. I don’t understand why people do cash upgrade as it is absolutely stupid.) – If you really want to do cash upgrade – book outright Premiere seat where you get more miles and tier points for the same value. Sometimes buying outright Premiere is way cheaper than upgrading at the airport.
  2. Miles UpgradeOnce the airline knows that there are no remaining passengers who are willing to upgrade using cash, they shift to the people who are willing to upgrade at the gate. There are so many times that I have been upgraded at the gate now. This is especially downgraded service as in metros – you get VIP security which is part of the premium experience
  3. VouchersWhen there is nobody left and you are last person standing at the gate with the voucher – you can get upgraded. 

    The digital system has a lot of problems and technically they are not supposed to accept physical vouchers at the airport anymore. However, due to problems with the system – at many smaller airports such as Indore, Coimbatore, Dheradhun, Allahabad – they are still accepting the vouchers as passengers are not able to receive OTP to use the voucher. 

The downgrade in Premium Cabin service

Well I thought most of the cost cutting would happen in economy section of the flight. Unfortunately, Jet Airways has been cutting corners in their business class seats too.

  1. Lack of Variety in meal choicesJust a few months ago, I was used to getting a variety in food choices I would get in the business cabin. However, lately all the flights – irrespective of distance. 

    Jet Airways loves serving Onion Okra (pyaaz bhindi) and Biryani on most of the flights. 

    Even Pre Flight beverages have been reduced to 2 from 3. Earlier I used to get Aam Panna, Guava Juice, Coconut Water, Orange Juice etc. Now I just get watermelon juice and buttermilk or lime juice.

  2. Meal portions are reducingEarlier when I used to havQe a meal with Jet Airways – I would feel so full. Now I have to ask for an extra serving of bread and even that might not make me full.
  3. Quality of wipesBefore takeoff – customers are provided with a cold towel while after the meal they are provided with a warm towel. Earlier they used to have a nice fragrance of Eau De Cologne that used to linger for few hours. Now I don’t even get smell just after using them. 
  4. Lounges have disappeared and the list is growing.Earlier smaller cities such as Indore, Coimbatore, Kochi etc had a lounge service that was offered to all premium customers. That is long gone. Now it looks like International customers and surprisingly Mumbai is on the chopping block.

    Recently on September 28, Goa joined the list of the lounge that has been removed. Only 6 lounges remain throughout India now. 

    They haven’t sent an official email to anyone yet but you can see Mumbai has been removed from lounge list on Jet Airways website. 

Number of Partners cannibalized

Earlier it would make sense to accumulate Jet Airways and use it on partner airlines which have far better planes like Emirates, Etihad, Gulf Air. Unfortunately, all have been chopped!! WAY!!!

Few Mentions in Past

1. Cathay Pacific – Another OneWorld Member

2. Emirates and Gulf Air

3. 4 Star Alliance Partners – Turkish, Austrian, Lufthansa and Swiss. You can add American Airlines from OneWorld to the list.

4. Forgot about self-implosion of Etihad Airways Group?


This is the area where Jet Airways has nosedived more than it stock prices and people have more issues than ever before. I am feeling sorry for their twitter team.

In past, I have written good things about Jet Airways social media team. Now, I have to take it back. They just say they will get back and I never hear from them.

I have also shared adventure named Jet Airways bookings


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